The Toutching Story Of How I Broke Out Of A Asylum! a mini comic-ish thing PLUS BONUS

Im baaaaaaaacccccccccckkkk >:D
yeah, I had the little idea of this and quickly put it together :confused:
its my first try at a kinda comic thing, though I wouldnt call it that, so go easy on it, thanks :slight_smile:
enjoy C&C is welcome ;D

Oh wow you made it this far…BONUS


There is a COMICS section.

Comic Sans and filter rape made me not read the comic.

Also your cards seem to be floating.

…the fuck.

that guy in the last pic looks like the joker

I see well then…*runs of before a ban OH GOD! DONT BAN ME! I will just go now…

I read part of it.

Childish writing and pretense indecision made it feel incredibly stupid.

Even if it is REMOTELY comic like, it needs to go in the comics section.

Someone lock this thread now ;D

Mods do not have breakneck speeds reaction time.

They will do what they please with it.

Mods do not serve the user, the user serves the mod.

Im just saying that it should be locked, not trying to demand anything of the mods, sorry if it came off that way :confused:

"Someone lock this thread now ;D "

is a demand

“Will someone lock this thread now?”

is not

you take those words too seriously,look he even put a smiley face after he said someone lock this thread now

Will someone lock this thread now?
hope this satisfys

Heres a paint thingy, for from what i can see semi decent posing and decent graphics, unlike other comics here that are total crap

Except it’s been filter raped, there is no writing, and there is comic sans, and no outgame editing.

AND it’s not a troll comic.

That means it’s worse.

^glad for the CC but really, let this die now.

Its obviously not a troll comic so its ok in my books, even though its filter rape and crap writing.

maybe its his first comic?

First comics, first poses, first anything should not be posted.


But it’s obvious he’s a decent poser, he needs to work on every other aspect then.

I said that didnt I ?
well it is <:|

guys we should let this thread die so stop posting