The towers of iron

“What do you see?” said the young scout.

“A dead forest, a wall with dozens of guards, beyond it many campfires and towers that reach out for the sky” The burly scout replied.

“Have a look while you still can, boy.” the aged scout said. “This might be the last time you’ll see it. For our host will never be able to march this close.”***

I was halfway done when I decided it to be a night and stuff. So that’s why some shifty lighting going on.

holy fucking quacamoley

what did you make those out of

Getting a Metro vibe from it, was that intended? Nonetheless, the picture looks excellent.

I was going for a mixed feel of Cirith Ungol in Lotr films and the Enclave oilrig in Fallout 2.
Like it’s a dreaded fortress but in a chaotic future.

Mostly buldings and some vehicles from Fallout 3 and Stalker.

I question the stability of that construction on the left tower, it’ll never be up to code.

It’s like ancient and stuff. Was supposed to look like the thing was just continued upon.

This is one of your best ones Exo, be proud of it. I know i would.

That doesn’t excuse the potential fire and general building codes that need to be adhered to. If you don’t maintain things like minimum indoor clearance, maximum person capacity, and maximum floor angle then we’re just living in anarchy.

No one wants to live in anarchy.

(please don’t think i’m being serious)

Very nice, very nice. Indeed one of your best Exo.

a match made in heaven

or hell

It’s brilliant.

That’s totally awesome!

Brilliant work. One of your best.

Love it. Great picture, great mood. Just great. Here’s another winner for ya.

oh man, that’s impressive!