The Train Station

Focused on the Soldier

Focused on Soldiers coming downstairs

I tried my best with the crappy light ray effects (or sprites or whatever).

Constructive Criticism as usual please.

Have a happy holiday!

Good work here man, solid submission. Only real issues would be the posing on the soldier (main guy). He should have more of a ready stance and the handgun/arm is a bit off. The stance looks a bit stiff is all. The bodies on the ground look a bit generic too. When I pose dead soldiers, have them sprawled out on the ground, makes it more believable in my opinion. Builds a story. A few props to add to the scene would definitely add to your picture too. But I quite like it bud, make some more! :smile:

The first one is better and as Trigger said the bodies on the floor look a bit unrealistic in the sense that they’re all pretty much lying on the floor in identical positions.

what exactly are those lens flares coming from

Christmas Spirit?