The Traitor.

Had this idea for a long time now.


Don’t bash my work for “editing” reasons. If you’re gonna bash it atleast give me tips on how to improve it (although I know most people will give me tips because they think they’re god at posing and their shit don’t stink). This is for entertainment reasons as I see it.

Lens flare.

The lens flare made me vomit in rage.
The story sucks too!

Last time I checked this is the GMOD forums for GMOD comics, not photoshop forums. Sorry if I don’t put much time into editing because I don’t think it’s neccessary. Don’t reply if you’re just gonna bash my work.

Ignore above comments. Well, the fact that you used NPC’s is a no-no. However, the poses of the guy doing the backflip in the air look promising. However, there’s a lot of room for improvement.
Also, the overdone “zoom out” is unnecessary, and expanding a plot a bit further wouldn’t do bad. And that plaza is damn empty. :v:

In general, I can see some potential in it. I suggest starting with less ambitious comics first, involving only a few characters and all.

Also, improving editing…You can play around with colours and whatever. Also, there are various tutorials in the “comic making tutorials/comic lists” thread, put them to good use.

Cool thanks, I just got back from that thread too. I should have made the plaza more occupied instead of just the “curfew” that I don’t even know exsists lol

this is a comic about lens flares

Your ‘‘idea’’ has been done before. And better.


You noclipped into the back of the wall in panel 9. As for the lens flares…