The Travel Sequence

Live for today, Gone tomorrow, That’s me. HAAAHAAHAH!

[h2]How did i do it?[/h2]
this particle tool And a good eye for color. That’s all.

Dumped idea for "The Great Gig In The Sky"

Unused/test/alternate shots

The train looks ultra low quality. Also, I thought you said you would stop making Pink Floyd related poses.

So all you’re doing is a single prop and particle effects?

This isn’t explicitly related to Pink Floyd, Nor is it actually based off of any of their works, It was just inspired by the unused song “The Travel Sequence”.

And not very good looking particles i think.

I told you all it would ruin the entire image for you but you kept prying.

So giving my personal opinion and stating a somewhat obvious fact on it ruins it?

Alright then.

No. I refused to tell you in the last thread. And now i’ve told you you hate me for it.

I meant to say that in your other thread, but it counts here as well.


HOW will it ruin the image?

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I thought the other one was kinda dull and simple before i figured it out.

Same here, pretty colors and a simple picture.

Am I on LSD?

Bad train model. Cool use of the particle tool though, I’ve never found any use for it.