The Treehouse flaw.

So lately I have been seeing a lot of treehouses with pillars guarding the outside permiter of the home, and a box that sits on a pillar to which they put all there stuff in and then suicide to get up in the home. From there they would believe to be completely safe. Anyways since US east 2 is down. I thought I would share this video with you all on how to break in it. (Now do know this could have been prevented had they built the pillars higher on the foundations high in the middle, and that they could no longer build out any farther connecting to the house. So you need a lot of flat land to this build properly. But anyways enjoy!

never mind the crap didn’t work for me

but there is a way to link your video straight to the forum thread…I just cant get it to work.

That base is not designed correctly.

The REAL FLAW in the design is that you can place a spike wall then put a storage box + barricade on top. [del]Then on top of that barricade you can put yet another spike wall.[/del]

Is this true?

Lemme make a correction. I just tested this and you CANNOT place spike walls on top of barricades.
You can however make spike walls on top of pillars. Since you can’t place center foundation pillars directly up to a ceiling, this will always be the weakness with the design. The only way to make an unraidable base is by getting rid of your ability to put loot in the base.

If you have to suicide to get in it, then I fail to see the point of building one. I’d rather just hide a sleeping bag in the rocks, and then sleep out in the open.

They have there post sitting on a pillar only high enough to search. They would put every thing in the box and then suicide up to the room. Then from up in the room they could search the crate and retrieve back into the tree house.

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Not necessarily if they build the pillars higher then the roof and build out foundations high enough and far out enough not to retrieve the center pillar sticking out. It literally comes down to it, having to be built completely correct.

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TBH that was a really badly designed tree house. But you guys did find its flaw so gg to that.

The spike wall can act as a short bridge. The spike wall you see in the picture below is on top of a center pillar. The** center pillars cannot be placed any higher** because the ceiling above blocks it.

Angle the spike wall down. Jump on the spike wall and place a storage box + barricade. Now just walk up the barricade and into the base.

Only problem is you cant just walk on in most of the time. They can have a door, in which you have to be very close to place a c4 on anything.

ahh word, thanks for the building advice, now i know i need to go higher

LOL@“Garry has to fix this shit” because your friend can’t place C4 properly.

Why did that wall take so many C4 to break? I had one also yesterday that took 3. What causes this?

Things placed adjacent to the walls will absorb damage from explosions. In this case specifically, it was the stairs.

This is a recent bug that will be fixed… Stop trolling.

not trolling, I blew a metal wall yesterday no problem. The fact that there’s a line in the centre of the wall (from the stairs inside) couldn’t have made it easier to place the C4.

Uhm yes you can put spikes ontop of barricades.

Would not worry about him…

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If that is true it honestly changes everything…