The trial of a Spy

Was hoping for a Phoenix Wright edit.

This is good, too winner for ya.

Thank god it had nothing to do with that shitty game.

Nice lighting!


the expression is absolutely top notch!

ha awesoem picutre!

that fingerposing

Excellently posed (especially the fingers, well done), and the lighting is great, but shadows could have been used to much greater effect here. I guess they’re extremely subtle for my tastes…

Other than that, I have absolutely no qualms.

That’s amazing. I would love to see it as one of the backgrounds for gmod 13.

You want the intel?

You can’t handle the intel!

“I WAS NEVER ON THEIR SIDE!!!” This is awesome work sir!

IMO the picture would be even better if the cigarette was flying out of Spy’s mouth, maybe with some spittle or something. It’s perfect as-is though.

Is the background an IRL photo?

Awesome work, sir!

Out of curiosity, what did you use for the background?

This is some damn amazing work, great job