The Trials of Gordon Freeman (starring James Avestruz as Gordon Freeman)

I play HL2 and talk while I’m playing and funny things happen. I make them in chronological order in terms of the story, so once I get to HL2: Episode 1, look forward to the videos being a lot more interesting. In HL2, ent_create wasn’t implemented, so a lot of my little tricks that make videos funny don’t really work, at all. Whatever. Message me (aim) @ TheComedyCompany for suggestions or anything if you want to.

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Episode 1
Only time I made a serious effort to make it seem like I was having conversations. It didn’t work out, but it came out incredibly funny.

Episode 2
Alyx is really hard to impress.


Episode 3
I start using console binds to alter the game so it’s actually fun to replay while making youtube videos of it. I also start breaking conversations by killing women.


Episode 4
Episode 4 is the first time I attempted to record a cutscene like a camera crew, recording the entire thing 4 times from different angles. It was a lot more fun than I had expected, and I’ll probably do it again for episode 5. Does anybody know if there are any good dialogue-heavy conversation scenes after you get the Jeep? I can’t remember. Odessa maybe?


Episode 5
I’m getting tired of walking around on the fucking beach with antlions mauling me. I think i’m going to skip ahead a bunch for episode 6.


Episode 6
Finally began having some semblance of fake conversations with NPCs, hopefully I get to do some more later.


Episode 7
I moved my mic back out of my little recording booth so I could do more gordon freeman because a lot of people were commenting on my other videos about how they want to see more gordon freeman and it wouldn’t be such a big deal if they weren’t all acting like it was a big deal.


Episode 8
I made another!


Episode 9
I don’t know why this took so long.


They made me chuckle a little.

movie making god…now I just need to stop laughing…

clears throat Alyx. Why don’t you take Gordon along and give him some uhhh…”

Mere words cannot say how much I’m fucking laughing at that.

I’ve seen other videos on your youtube account and…I’m scared.

You inspired me, I haven’t laughed so hard in my life.

I’m so tempted to make something like this out of boredom.

I can’t wait for more of these episodes. c:

Thanks for all the nice comments and spattered nonsense! I’m going to make episode 5 today. I wanted to yesterday, but I decided to take a break before I got completely burnt out on HL2.

Not bad…

Pro vid, make a sixth, and maybe even go on through the whole HL2 series, because this was excellent, i couldn’t stop laughing!

That was the funniest thing I have ever seen!
Keep it up!
This is good to watch while waiting for stuff like Leet World and Mind of Gordon Freeman, But I think this just might be better than both.

Maybe if you actually did this through the entire game, instead of cutting to parts (that gets confusing), it would have a higher humor measure.

But whatever you do, keep making these!

Hahaha that was damn funny!
especially episode 4.
Dog roll over alyx dead :v:

I’m starting work on Episode 5 now. Should be uploaded within 4 hours.

Edit: I had a bit of a setback, but i should still have the new episode up tonight.

Can’t wait to see the next episode.

I found them quite dull, and the camera movements made me sick.

This is friggin great. :smiley: :D. I laughed so hard. The best part was the EP3 ending scene. I laughed my lungs off. Keep up the kick-ass work.

You need to talk more dude. The first video was awesome, but the last few were a bit too much ‘messing around’. :slight_smile:

dude you have so got to do the Lazlo bit in sandtraps
and the binocular g-man sighting maybe a few more

Crap, it says video no longer avalible.

Where’s Ep5? :excited: .

This is alright… but has anyone here seen Freeman’s Mind?