The true pinnacle of video game achievement; Rust - Episode 1

So I recorded a good bit of the first few hours I played this tonight and I have to say I don’t enjoy Rust because I think it’s something amazing that no one could think of, I enjoy it for the reasons other people may think its bad such as killing everything I see and taking out 3 people that have projectile weapons with a rock. It’s fun because of the flaws.

“I just got fed bad spaghetti.”

Part two out now, featuring axe massacres, ganking sleeping nerds, and Ron Jeremy.

Stopped watching in the first minute or two, using sexually derogatory words to taunt someone is a very faux pas thing to do in this day and age.

the sanic music was a pretty dumb thing to include

just awful

Good, I appreciate all of your opinions and may take them into consideration for the next video!

Terrible videos, do not watch.

In that 3 man massacre I almost cried at how bad those players were. If it was me you would have not made it through the front door.

The horrible screeching music needs to be toned down. Some of it was funny, other parts were like ‘wtf’.

“im posting this on my tumblr”

I’m pretty sure he included the Sanic music because the crafting was sped up by alot incase you’re too fucking daft to see that.

Yea I laughed my ass off when you cornered yourself. I thought you were done for and into slow-mo… Buckshot to the face, neck stretched out! Hahaha I loved that part :slight_smile:

i know why he included the music, i’m not too “fucking daft” to see that. i’m saying it was dumb to include because it was extremely loud and i closed the video about 2 seconds after it started. if the maker of the videos wanted people to watch the whole thing, he would not have subjected his audience to that kind of unbearable shit.

Easy way to fix that!

Turn your volume down, then back up!

I’m the guy in the video, wish I had recorded that shotgun shot from my point of view, it was much more violent.

Very nice, i like very. funny fun :slight_smile: