The truth about Source 2

Because of the recent Source exploits outrage, I decided to create a new thread.

Thanks to the secret club we all learned about exploits on:

But it’s not as important because it seems like it’s been fixed now.
So let me quickly *kappa* remind everyone:

And some behind-the-scenes from an ex-Valve employee:

TLDR: Source 2 is just Source 1 with a bunch of shit on top. It’s good, but it’s not great, although looking at what Facepunch team is doing it looks really promising.

EDIT: The point of this thread is to give you some backstory. Source 2 is not amazing. Can Source 2 modified by Garry be amazing? Absolutely (seriously, just look at the devlogs). The links above are just to show you some history about the making of S2.


From what I’ve heard from Garry (Twitter) and Rubat (Discord), this exploit is already fixed/not present on Garry’s Mod. So I think it must have been fixed on S&Box.


what’s your point? source is just goldsource with a bunch of shit on top


Let me quickly remind everyone:

Proceeds to post a 34,000+ words document.

The guy in the tweet is talking about the situation 11 years ago, and I don’t trust any ex-employee that comes out to talk crap on twitter 7 years after they stop working for said company.


Source 2 could be Unity with a bunch of shit on top for all I care. As long as it works and isn’t an absolute nightmare to work with I’ll be happy.


a new car is like an old car with a few things tweaked and a bunch of new shit on top of it


Why are you saying it like you “don’t want to rain on our parade”?
I don’t particularly take seriously the words of a “secret club” who’s been spending their days finding exploits for 10-year-old games, so what’s the point of the thread?


This thread is such a stretch.

It’s either a brand new engine with a ton of unexposed bugs.


It’s built on top of a tried and true engine and still has a ton of unexposed bugs.

There will always be issues, but they usually aren’t engine specific. A developer’s game will have to do something to provoke a fault of the engine. So Facepunch will have a pretty good grip on control of exploits.

I have seen much worse things in other engines.


I love Facepunch and his games, so I don´t care. :slight_smile:


whats the point in saying this, it does not matter if source 2 is based on source 1 that doesn’t mean its horrible and should not be used


yeah facepunch is a pretty cool dude


Eh kills bugs and doesnt afraid of anything.

Comparing cars to game engines is not quite helpful here, and even if so, youd have to say that its like adding a new steering wheel and new brakes to an old model car and selling it as a new one.

Well, you could say that Source 2 is Source 1 with shit on top, but then Source 1 is also GoldSrc with shit on top, which in the end makes it all just be Quake Engine, but with a lot of shit on top

I don’t see the point of this thread tbh

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Well… you’re not wrong - according to Wikipedia:

Source distantly originates from the GoldSrc engine, itself a heavily modified version of John Carmack’s Quake engine with some code from the Quake II engine. Carmack commented on his blog in 2004 that “there are still bits of early Quake code in Half-Life 2”.

And GoldSrc is just Quake II engine with a bunch of shit on top.

We all want the best for s&box, like for example larger maps, but why does Source 2 have the same map size limit as Source 1? Well… now you know. It’s all because:

most of the legacy Source 1 crap needs to be in source 2

the dirty secret is that source 2 runs an almost feature complete version of source 1 at all times

the trade off is that source 2 is incredibly bloated

I can imagine Valve was more than happy to give over 1TB of shit they couldn’t handle for Garry to fix.

I wouldn’t be so sure about it. As I mentioned earlier one of them affects all Source engine games. The problem is someone can send you an invite to join a game and if you accept it, you’re screwed. It’s probably not something Garry can fix. It’s Valve’s job to fix it.

Because I love s&box and I want it to succeed and Source 2 is not a tragedy but it is flawed with Source 1 mistakes which I hope Garry/Layla will fix.

If you don’t take it seriously then you have nothing to worry about. Let me send you an invite, ok?

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that’s cool and all but if it’s valve’s issue why are you making a thread on facepunch about it

Please edit your post so it doesn’t get deleted, some salty users flagged it.

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Don’t worry, S&box will most likely succeed, whether it’s going to be more or less popular than Gmod is still unsure but it if everything goes right, it won’t fall flat.

It’s not like Source 1 was a bad engine, pretty revolutionary when it came out, of course an engine will show its age after 15 years, Source 2 did a lot of things right, hopefully Garry and Layla does the rest (map size increase please :grimacing: )


Have you considered that a lot of this ‘legacy Source 1 crap’ might not be there because they don’t know how to get rid of it, but because they didn’t need to?

Why would you spend a bunch of time and effort on things like increased multiplayer player counts or bigger map bounds when you’re working on a singleplayer VR game?


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