The truth about Source 2

tbh i think it could be on another engine that “better” in whatever ways, like if someone wanted to do that, you can easily develop on unity, unreal and such themselves since they are out there really easy for people to use and develop things on,
but there is no easy medium for people to make source 2 stuff, sure in a few ways its not optimal, but you cant deny the fact its lasted and still lasting this many years is a testament to how decent that base that the that source 2 is running on.

but i get that you are trying to make people settle down with crazy ideas that they want and or expect, but the comparison you made to cyberpunk isnt as much justified imo, since thats a fall on the game developers part and not the engine and the devs over hyped that game for a million years and everyone knew what the game was so had high hopes, but in this case facepunch have not done that, people who are interested have ended up hearing it from friends, other devs, gmod, or from research they have done themselves, only recently has it been alot more public out to more people with alot more open development, people over hyping and making gamemodes in sbox will realise they cant make stuff in the dream way they want if they are expecting that, so will either find a work around, make something actually achievable to make or not develop on it, and thats their own fault, and then people who play are still gonna just play no matter what as long as the devs on there still make good shit.

but thats just my opinion, i have only seen a few people overhyping themselves like that, but thats mainly kids and gmod players who have heard sbox and think its gmod 2 and are able to do anything possible, or “devs” who plan to make the most amazing game in it with 10 hours of C# experience or some shit.

Wouldnt it be quite reasonable for an engine to increase its max map size for atleast a bit more than its 15 year old brother?

Why is S&Box relying on an engine that is made by developers that focuses on “singleplayer VR games” ? If dota 2 and CS:GO do not get updates for atleast the security level of the user, I dont know how S&Box is gonna do great on it. The source engine is just a massive plate of food that noone is willing to eat, with even more food (problems) being added constantly.

Wait, why wouldn’t Garry be able to fix it? I agree that it’s Valve’s job to fix, but Facepunch has access to the Source 1 engine for GMod and the Source 2 engine for S&box. Garry said on his twitter that they think they already found the exploit, and it can be assumed that they’re going to fix it in GMod and S&box, if it’s present in Source 2.

you say while most people in this thread are happy to use and want to use source 2, you have either been blind or not in the growing sbox community since there are alot of people from what i seen that want to play sbox, just because its source 2, people dont care really if it came only for vr when garry got it, thats why facepunch are making it work for desktop users.

and yeah it doesn’t have increased map size yet, but why do people expect increasing map size will be a massive fix or improvement, like doing that on any engine will lag the fuck out of you if you just mad a massive map, we need level streaming or something else like that instead logically, i dont want to try play a gamemode and its just a massive laggy ass map, i rather it be split up into chunks or optimised alot better, but anyhow, garry has said thats a big goal of his to make maps bigger, but atm there are more importing things to attend to that are needed, and maps not being able to be made bigger yet is not a thing that the game can run without.

at least the thread creator has some idea of what hes on about, with security concerns, not wanting people to overhype sbox, and source being based and built upon on an old engine.
even if i and others dont see eye to eye with them


Oh yeah, nice assumption you made here. I must be EITHER visually impaired or new, I cant just be a long silent member of the community that decided to step up upon seeing a post that I agree very deeply with. Source engine is a pile of crap in the state it is right now. If they would decide to completely remake it finally and not only add onto it, I would have nothing to say… oh, and you are not seriously telling me there source 2 fans? I know HL:Alyx fans, but these are not Source 2 fans.

Once again. nice assumption you made there, I dont see myself digressing anything from what OP said, actually I very much inforce his claims. Valve has been ignoring an security threat for atleast 2 years. The creator of this engine. Something almost nobody knew about. Now imagine this situation in a game like S&Box where the gameplay experience relies on community servers, where people could put anything onto your PC once you join the wrong server. This “game invite” security breach is just what we know of, wonder what there is that we dont know of? And how far does it have to go?

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Facepunch is literally the first company to be working on a title using Source 2, the fact that Garry got everything necessary from Valve was big news when it happened.
How can you talk shit about an engine which literally is not even available?
I’ll admit that the whole map size debacle is absurd and we’re all coping by saying phrases such as: “It would lag anyways!” and “we have level streaming!”.
Let’s hope S&box shows Valve what their priorities should be, it is an engine that’s still being worked on after all.


to use your words “oh yeah nice assumption you made here” i didnt mean literally blind :neutral_face:
but i guess accusing me of saying it in that makes your point better.

but yeah look and you will find a decent amount of people who want source 2 and its tools, not HL:A fans, maybe a some of them are HL:A fans, but there are plenty of people who also really want source 2 and or want to bring stuff to source 2, just look and you will find them easily.

and congrats, i guess you are not as daft as i thought, but you still came in dismantling peoples replies and didnt show much to agreeing with the thread creator, a “i agree with the dude who posted” next time would avoid shit, thats why i came in annoyed from my perspective you just looked like a random who created an account to just start shit.

now im sitting here in a dressing gown trying to argue with you on a forum about a random game that hasn’t even came out yet at the middle of the night, goodnight :kissing_heart: no hard feelings


I’m so hyped for S&box and Source 2! Lets go!


Yeah thats totally a really smart and well opinionated post with very credible sources. Absolute twat trying to manipulate the outcome of S&Box and spread fear because he is probably some unity or unreal engine fanboy. “source bad” yeah great. Next time maybe use real claims/evidence and dont try to ruin it for us.

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Guys S&Box is gonna send us all trojans and keyloggers or even maybe kidnap my family to saudi arabia cuz source 1,5!!!1!1 lulz. Thanks Mr. Blue M for this. Hope you become a journalist. ( To anyone that is seriously worried about what Magik is saying, dont worry, this game is in Facepunch’s hands, do not believe any of the crap above, source is source)

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That’s a pretty interesting pastebin, hadn’t read it before. (the numbers are the lines from the pastebin)

It’s a shame how Valve gave up on source 2⁴³⁷, except, of course, for L4D3, which was too ahead on development to switch to Unity or Unreal, and ended up releasing in early access with the broken engine⁴⁴⁴.⁵⁰⁰. I would definitely love to have a new Half-Life game on their own new engine⁸⁵⁴, instead we just got that little Nintendo Switch exclusive spinoff >:(¹⁰⁷¹. It’s also pretty shameful how a Half Life game doesn’t even run on Source, even if it’s a spinoff.¹²⁸¹

Still, something that I found really cool is the talk about these rubikon strands, prolly a more performant way of simulating ropes and hair, but shouldn’t scale much besides that.⁸⁵⁰

What I’m getting at is that, stuff changes a lot in 5 years, a lot, but not fully. Source 2 deeefinitelly will inherit some of its parent’s jank, but it is also extremely performant on VR, received major changes to core modules that were initially pulled from Source (specially after development on the current iteration of HL:A picked up steam), the creation tools are still amazing, and FP is making them even better (literally on a hourly basis sometimes)

Something else to consider is the impressions of FP on the engine. It seems like Garry enjoyed HL:A so much on a technical and performance level that he took S&Box out of the freezer almost immediately. I felt like Layla was initally skeptical about it, preferring UE4 but quickly warmed up to it¹ ² ³(sadly, Layla being skeptical got deleted together with #general). Sam has made remarks about how everything you throw in it looks good. The first blog posts are pretty telling of how excited and satisfied Garry was with S2.

So basically, yea, I’m in the center when it comes to this, while I feel like some of the idiosyncrasies we see in the engine today like the oh so famous grid size limit can be explained by how none of their games needed a bigger play area, so they simply didn’t change that, it still shows that they build their engine around the necessities of the game it’s gonna run, which doesn’t lend well to 3rd Party developers. Garry literally gotten the HL:A repo, not the engine, because since it’s not a commercial engine (for now), that kinda doesn’t exists.

Guys… just follow development and try to influence it in a good direction, FP is being extremely open about it all and taking a lot of feedback, if the engine was not serving them well we would have noticed by now. If rampant speculation about possible security concerns and how S2 is secretly a pile of shit ensues, it will definitely turn them off of this very communicative and receptive behavior.


source 2 rules


And Unreal Drools.


i guess by your logic source 2 is just quake engine with a lot of shit in the top

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I think that you dont read the changelog, garry said that he will change the limit map of Source 2.

I’m fully aware of it and I never said it can’t be changed in s&box (quite the opposite), but this thread is not about s&box, it’s about Source 2.

Back to the topic:

What I’m doing is presenting you facts.

The opinion that Source 2 is just Source 1 with a bunch of shit on top and should be reworked was made by people working on it.

I’m just operating on what these people have said.

We don’t know (except FP and Valve) the actual state of Source 2. If you have some better info about Source 2 (the original, not modified by Garry), please share it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Source 2, that’s why I care about it so much.

By someone that worked on it 11 years ago and hasn’t been an employee for 7 years.


If you think Source 2 is bloated you don’t want to see Unreal or Unity or any other commercial engine as a matter of fact.


i think they should have used scratch to make it, but thats just my (superior) over used joke, that has not been funny even since when people have first started saying, opinion

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This discussion is useless. S&box is using Source 2 regardless of everyones opinions or complaints about it. It’s enough for what it needs to be.