The truth about Zerax

I have no ideas left :frowning:


Am I supposed to know who Zerax is(besides you)?
Any way I do that once in a while.

I think most people in this section know who I am.

Not that I’m a good editor/poser, because of my douchebaggery :3:

Who are you.

I kid, I kid.

And for that badass rain tutorial.

Ya, that was me last night… and every day last week.

I only boot up Gmod if I have a pretty specific idea. I’d rather not sit through my massive loading times (far too much crap installed, my folder is 20GB or something ridiculous like that) only to quit straight away.

I think this fits more in the comic subsection, but okay.

Not much to comment on since you’re just standing there.

It fits here.

No comics here.

Zerax. Jesus is on your physgun.


Why is your resolution so huge

I wish I had a big screen.

Rich kids :argh:

No ideas? Think about these 2 subjects & you’ll come up with something : stimulus and bailout, and pimps. Pimps being banks

basically what happened to me as well

I hate it when this happens :c

I sadface’d.

Get postin boi!

Seriously, with your editing skills even something really generic would be a nice addition to our front page.

Things are getting too quiet around here…

This sums me up nicely, even after I read all those nice editing tutorials. Good picture(s).

Lol. In the third picture, we can see your legs.

it’s so easy to come up with ideas; i have no idea what you people are even talking about.

are you just too talentless to plot them out and formulate them? this shit is EASY. i must be speaking for myself because i turn everything in to a fucking goldmine. it isn’t hard, people.