The Turret KING

Aawwww yeah, this is awesome.

Great scenebuild and positioning, I suppose, since there isn’t much to pose.

Wheatley, Chell, and WCC in the tube in the background :v:

Nice scenebuild. Well done!

Great scenebuild bro. Good job.

This rules, although the turret’s skin pattern could’ve been better. It should really be leopard print, but what you have there just looks like grey brushstrokes on yellow (which is all it really is).

Love it.

That’s a jpg applied onto the vtf file. It woudn’t take much to do the changes you suggest. Maybe in the future I’ll use the large turret again in a different context…

Thanks for comments!

Wow, where does the blue mist and the awesome red lighting come from? I’m not sure if I remember GMod having the use of things like dynamic lights…but that incinerator light is just magical…

If you watch the second pic. you should notice there are horizontal rectangles. Those have fog material applied to them. Which is a translucent material. It reacts to lamps. So it can look like fog or even volumetric lights.

The “incinerator light” consist of
-2 lamps -> 1 illuminate through a translucent material which looks like a grate. The other illuminate the turrets in the foreground.
-1 glow
-1 steam -> except it doesn’t draw steam but heatwave. Heatwave is available as particles too.

A “real” volumetric lamp stool would be awesome but when I ask it I always get ignored…


oh my god, this is brilliant
your scenebuilds are getting absolutely fantastic lately and i love that youve improved a lot now

i wish there was an ability to subscribe to a user’s threads