The Turribadlands!|Vanilla|Fresh 3.1.14|Admins|Giveaways|


Here are the list of services that we offer you on our brand new server:


You’re right! The Turribadlands is pure vanilla. Why? The game has become very convoluted with game altering mods that completely change the style of play. I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it seems that the vanilla servers have been dying out more and more, and we want to put a stop to that.

Too bad. As of right now, our server is looking to remain mod free. But as we grow a regular player base, we will do our best to respond to the requests of our server community and edit the server as the whole sees fit. We are merely the administrators of the server, not the ruling class.

Our server is currently under the watchful eye of four administrators, and we will be very active on the server to ensure that our players have a cheat, hack, and dupe free environment to play on. The game is still developing and we aren’t perfect, but we will try out best. I promise.

Our server host has offered DDoS protection for their servers, and we are footing the extra money to ensure that the server remains up and running as often as it can.

Certainly. We have a 100 man Teamspeak that is open to all players on the rust server. Plus we have giveaways! We will be giving away at least one game a night to a player on the server. Players who are also on the Teamspeak will also have a better chance of winning the nightly game!

Well, you can join the public rust server steam group at:

If you add anyone with a star by their name, they will help you. If they don’t, well they should…but I always will help you if I am available.

The server is alive and well all 128 slots of it. The admins of this server are dedicated to ensuring a fair gaming experience. We are dedicated to a promise of ZERO admin abuse. Join us, because you never know when the admins will be handing out freebies both in game and out.

I can’t wait to get on and check it out, Should be on within the hour.


Had a few hiccups in the server, but everything has been smooth since last night.
Thank you to everyone who made last night a success!

Our player numbers are growing if you want to be ahead of the game you should log on now and start kickin ass and taking names; also if anyone has any suggestions please let us know we’re here to make your playing experience fun and exciting.

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Server is running smooth, currently active people on the server who are here to stay are playing. Come and make you base fast before the server is too populated to have a nice easy start.

Quite a few airdrops occurred last night. If you want a “fighting” chance you should hop on and get to living the true rust lifestyle. Also if you bring 10 people into the server you will be rewarded with 2 random airdrops during your gameplay. If you bring 20 you will be rewarded with an airdrop signal grenade to use at freewill. Just mention this to one of our admins and we will verify and reward.

Visit us at

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