The two members of a bromance taking down criminals

Don’t look as I shoot you in the throat. The other guy is also holding his victim prior to the kill. This gives reason for speculations:pipe:

Anyway. Picture looks good from my viewpoint. Like the blood and the recoil effect. So have art.

What’s with the blood/dirt on Archer’s gun? Doesn’t have much “depth” to it. Looks just like a brush you painted on, which you did, but it should be much harder to tell.

Really nice. I love all these Splinter Cell poses :smiley:

It seems like these guys works pretty syncronised :stuck_out_tongue:

You could add a light in the upper left background that you can’t see, but that lights up the characters form the back, that’l make an edge that separates the characters with the BG. It’ll look AWESOME in a picture allready superbly posed!