The two soldiers near destroyed Jagdtiger

Old screenshot which i forgot to post.

And “little” bonus.

inb4 hauptmann shows up.

These are really nice, unfortunately, they’re on the DOD:S models, so this kind of loses it points, however, I really like the colours and posing.

actually you posted both of these in the Want to Post Your Picture But Don’t Want to Make a Thread thread.

I just can’t find some nice german soldiers…

I am just one big idiot… but then no one rated it.

I’ll suggest you the Red Orchestra 2 Models. Theres’ a german tanker model.

you posted them ages ago anyway, and these are actually quite nice

Great job! One minor improvement is that their uniforms are a little too clean to be in the forest.

Hey guys, since some people were talking about WW2 models. Would anyone have links to some good ragdolls? I would really like to have some so i can make poses of that era, ragdolls, models, maps whatever. Would anyone have a link to some things? I looked around all over the place and could not find any good things.