the uber weapon pack of lolz

NONE of these should be admin sweps (some of this may seem offensive)

1: the sniper of annoyance

when shot, the victim gets rick rolled

2: overkill from above

rain exploding babies upon your target

3: flashbang of annoyance

a flashbang- with rickrolls

4: love

a crowbar, but the users speed becomes very fast and this song is played

5 9/11

the player holding the weapon becomes a plane, and whoever the user is pointing at becomes a building, the plane flys into the building and both die (to be even better- a second person doing this should make the american national anthem be played and the enemy team should be unable to fire for a few seconds

6: 7/7
the user becomes a train/bus and explodes

7: party person
the user explodes into confeti, the effect should be random

8: gladiator shotgun
(also makes you run faster)tripple barreled and reloads in an awesome way
primary: shoots 1 barel
secondary shoots two
primary+secondary-all 3

9: the needle
fires a needle that gives targets diseases/vaccinations/pregnancy

on hit the sound of “i am the one and only” “GLADIATOR!!!” duke nukem quotes and short but memorable quotes from movies (i am the ultimate baddass ect) epic music shall also play

armor devices (activated like the sodan cloaking device/gnome swep etc

on death you shall explode with confeti and your ragdol will be replaced by a present/easter rabbit/egg, a player may go up to these and use it to either

a: gets something realy cool
b: get owned by explosion/clowns/teletubys/evil nuns or jack in the boxes

strange blood
you bleed either

semen/blood infected with aids
semen/blood infected with stds (with different effects)

with the blood that is harmfull you have a 50% chance of it not harming you
on getting aids/std you will either get team americas aids song, a powerfull voice telling you got aids/ a std or a congratulations message (with or without “at least you didnt get pregnant”) if you touch harmfull blood you get the effects

fun for everyone :slight_smile:

lastly you should be able to turn into a midget




now i expect many dumb,agree,funny and dissagree ratings

i would love to see some of these but on the downside, many wouldnt make this cuz its pointless.
and i have yet the same reaction,

I don’t really have any witty or clever statements to say, just…