The Ultimate DarkRP - Help me make this server/Gamemode!

Hello facepunch.

Alright i picked up GmodRP i old RP that was famous late 2009 (?)
I will try to fix the problems in the gamemode and create a server with it

● No weapons
● Very nice UI to buy items
● Spawning furniture costs money
● Brings back the serious RP without RDM
● Anti-Minge security system
● Weapons can be enabled by a Admin, most likely this will not happen

Problems with the script:

  • Spamming Derma-Skin all over the server - Fixed
  • Job settings are not correct
  • Menu bug - Fixed
  • Sometimes it does not activate itself in the gamemode - Fixed
  • NPC buyers are errors - Fixed
  • Replacing Phys-gun with normal “Hands”

Post suggestion to add to this gamemode

Browse through the thread and see the progress!

Make a script from scratch, DarkRP can not be fixed. It is doomed to be infested with mingebags.

I will modify it. it will not be named DarkRP

because i am fucking sick of all those basic DarkRP. i do not like TacoScript and the DarkRP script can be modified. so i will give it a shot. if its fucked i will make a brand new one and call or… FP-RP, hell i don’t know.

I start here.

Its very core is full of mingeiness, use some other base for it. Or better yet, make one yourself. But DarkRP will always be the minge-filled dumbfest filled with 9-year-olds we all know it is.

I know what you mean, bro
i had a server in the early days, was running good until the year 2009 arrived and it was infested with fuckheads, i want to repair that damage and make a RP that brings back the good days

Now that I think of it, you could try and resurrect GmodRP. It didn’t last long, but the RP in it was amazing. I am mostly a serious roleplayer, a regular on OurBenefactors, but I DID enjoy GmodRP. Restrictive enough to prevent mingeing but yet so unrestrictive. I had very good roleplay scenarios, such as player-made events. We would sometimes go to the subway in Oviscity, and construct a Vault ICly, and RP the world outside was in ruins. No custom content, nothing but Vanilla HL2 Props and a little bit of toolgunning. Yet the RP was incredible.

TL;DR: Try GmodRP, I am sure you can find a copy of it somewhere.

Alright, I will try to find it


Is this the mod?

Yes, indeed it is! With a little bit of editing to make it work with the latest updates, and some fixes you might actually get some quality RP out of this RDM-thirsty community!

Looks good to me!

Although the latest Garry’s mod updates might have broken it, it shouldn’t be all that hard to fix.

I am already working on it!

Great to hear that! Kindly post the IP to the server when and if it is hosted, I would be delighted to see this gamemode working again!


In addition, it might be useful to add some more features to the gamemode, without restricting roleplay.

Yeah. A kid would add nukes and drugs mod.

i will try to add some fun stuff to it in order to keep the gamemode a bit “actionful”

Haha, true. You might want to add something that will actually promote roleplay, such as… Hmmm… Doors tool and keypad tool. They come in handy when making some RP situations, such as the Vault I mentioned earlier.

I will also try to carfully add weapons (A pistol and a machinegun)

Because i will “try” to make a Mafia, where players can make famaly’s and protect other players, in return the players need to pay the mafia some money, Protection money

Ofcourse you do not need it, but this adds a amazing new depth to the game.

Just see it in front of you.

You are walking in the street and suddenly a Mafia family is shooting (not destroying) a store that is under protection by a another family, this is fun for the mafia and the player, But the players can choose to be protected, or not.

I need to build that in and see how it will work out.

Hmmm, I am not so sure about that. Sure, it add a new level of roleplay, but unless it is severely restricted or nerfed, it will end up being DarkRP Gangsters. GModRP is supposed to be peaceful, with the occasional event.

I do could use some help into making this compatible with the current version of Gmod :3:

Yeah it was just a thought about it, Well no guns then.
Going to eat, after that i will work on it.

I would help, but all I can do in LUA is menus/derma/etc. :v:

Could add melee weapons instend.

So people can punch/knife/lightsaber-whore others? Just stick with a peaceful gamemode, people can roleplay their fights.