Are you troubled? Do you want to make better Gmod SWEPs by having better models? Well look no further! I learned from Heavy-D and I am Ready to pass it on to you!

STEP 1:First download this program, it is a hex editor

Make a new folder on your desktop and call it “XV132” and extract all files from the download link above into the folder

STEP 2: Find a download! For the sake of this tutorial I have posted an example link below. Remember to always make sure that skins you download are always for either CSS or DOD/DODS because those games use the correct files to port to GMod.

Download this file and drag the models,materials, and sound folders onto your desktop.

STEP 3: Now go to your XV132 Folder, and find the APPLICATAION called “XV132” Run it

You should see a little program start up, on the upper left, click on open, and open the models folder.

You should see all the model files, find the V and W .mdl files. In this case the two files we need to edit are “v_rif_galil.mdl” and “w_rif_galil.mdl”

Open the “v_rif_galil.mdl” file. You should see a bunch of numbers on the left side, and some words on the right. At the top right find where it says “v_rif_galil”

Edit that to a different name of the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF WORDS <—thats important!

For example, rename it - “v_rif_aksmu”

Save the file, then do the same thing with the “w_rif_galil” file. Save it.

STEP 4: Editing your materials folder

If the materials files you are trying to upload say “file already exists in cloud” You need to change the folder path.
In this case the folder path is - materials>models>weapons>v_models>aks74u
If it says the file already exists, change it to something else with the same words. For example:

Once you are done with this, open the hex editor again.

Open the .mdl files, and scroll down to the very bottom. You should see that it shows what the old materials file path was. Change it to the new one! Now you should be done!

STEP 5: Upload to Toybox!

You are now done! Send the materials, models, and sound folders to .zip files and upload them to the cloud!

NOTES: If your textures are pink and black, you made a mistake editing the materials path. Trust me this happens with me alot, it happens.
I’m not going to teach you how to lua code, thats a whole nother mountain brother.


There are some skins that are not re-models though, and use the same model. I want you to know that personally, I like using the Patch because of several reasons:

It doesn’t need me to re-write all the strings, but the “replace” code can be used as an overlay
Texture budget doesn’t get blown and overloaded (Valve used the Patch shader on their Common Infected in Left 4 Dead)
Some VMTs have the exact same things written in them, so you just need to type in

include "folderwhereyourVMTis.vmt"

Also, you know what’s good about the Patch shader? It’s very good for skingroups, unless they only have a little written in them (such as the PlasticCrate01a.vmt, but it doesn’t hurt to attempt to make vertexes out of the holes now does it?)

yes but does it allow it so that it does not overwrite the orignal textures in place?

Only using “Patch” and “include” makes the thing re-use the same stuff from the “included” VMT, but if you put in “replace” UNDER “include” like this:

include "folderwhereyourVMTis.vmt"

It will replace anything you write under “replace” and “left bracket”(If you are going to “replace” or “insert” you HAVE to replace the “}, AKA right bracket” with a “{, AKA left bracket”!)

It does overwrite the original textures, at least if you put in a different “$basetexture”. But you can replace other strings too and not just the texture (but they have to be in the “included” VMT or else you won’t see a difference).

A minor downside is that if you “replace” or “insert”, you need to put in 1 right bracket on each of the two lines under the “replaced” string. If you don’t do that you’ll get a console error after loading a model using that Patch VMT

Anyway, your tutorial on hexing is ingenious and I think you deserve a medal. Also, you don’t have to replace the folders themselves if you don’t want to, as you can also re-name the model files

What about models from games like Team Fortress 2?

why not just use Clavus’s weapon designer ?