The Ultimate Headshot #3

It looks like the combine farted due to the awesomeness of the headshot. It’s like the combine has a defense mechanism, every time you shoot it in the head it releases a toxic gas out of its ass.

Blood is nice btw, but where’d the bullet go in from?

The Ultimate Headshot is when a .50 makes one.

I think the combine’s disappeared eye edit is good.
It makes dead-looking.

But also I agree with Crazy Knife about the smoke.

Blood is nice, altough the smoke… uh

niceposing overall headshots nice though

Random Green Smoke much but the picture is cool no offense. Did you do that model with inflator or modeled it yourself?

it’s green smoke for a landing zone reference, I think. Or just for coverage.

Oh yes you did it :slight_smile:

Green smoke is for a distress signal

It does not look very good to be honnest.

Your first ultimate headshot was much better :[

Not the best thing you’ve ever made but still better than 99% of other things.

The green smoke looks wierd but it’s still awesome.

The smoke looks pretty terrible. Looks as if it was taken from a really big photo and scaled down too much and the top edge is very hard and unnatural.

There is no visible damage to the Combine that I can see. Most of the blood looks like it is on the truck. Where the heck did the bullet come from? Also, the blood has a very hard edge on the right, almost a perfect straight line that makes it look like a broken in-game decal.

Bad textures on the truck stand out.
Black bars feel a little big to me.
What’s with the blue/green grain? Looks very odd.
Smoke coming from the AR2 is quite nice.
Posing is really good.
Camera angle is okay.

I don’t get this really… what happened to the incredible stuff like I have seen in your compilation thread?

It IS on the truck.

So… the bullet came from the left of the picture? It’s not exactly easy to work out, due to the lack of entry wound.

smoke is way too dithered and scaled down

I agree with the second bit… but the first bit? The smoke is way too undecided? Nervous? Uncertain? Agitated?

Is cool, but as alot of people pointed out the smoke is bad and there should be a more noticeable bullet hole or bullet wound on the truck or combine.