The Ultimate Weapon Returns

Aww yeah, Gustave is back!

dammit I hate ingame blood

Aw shit, that again?

oh god gustave

The guys hanging from the ceiling look… strange in some way.

Also, in-game blood spam.

it’s spiderman’s bad day

Oh god.

That guy is so fucking creepy.

Yes Gustave!

Also, which soldier models are those?

i made them. they’re private

Um, can anyone tell me who’s gustave?

Good lord gustave


im guessing it’s the creepy guy on the ceiling, but that’s just me

i dont like it

Gustave doesnt like you.

He’s all and nothing.

Gustave fuck yeah.

Gustave is more of a dead-in-2-seconds plague than a weapon.

They are the Mob Grunts from SiN.