The ultimaze

Hey guys I just came out with a great idea and decided to build it on hammer! I call it, THE ULTIMAZE

This is a great map where you go through a maze while listening to some of the best HL2 sound tracks! You will see many puzles and obstacles on the way to the exit, once you get to the exit/tele you will have to fight off an antliongaurd and 75 antlions with the entire Half Life 2 arsenal! When done defeating the boss go into the final tele and you’ll be gretted with a shiny room with a sign that says END. From there you can just disconnect, Thanks for downloading!


blocky; undetailed; shitty lighting; nothing to grab my interest


It’s kind of hard to express sarcasm on the internet.

I like single player maps.

Hey, I tried! Its not the best, but if you pay attention to the game/map other than the screenshots its is actually very good! Dont let the screenshots stop you from atleast trying and giving SOME credit to a beginner… Thanks


Oh and by the way… Why the hell do you keep saying I am “DUMB” thats such an exaguration!

I have an idea, see those blocky edges? Just cut them in slices :slight_smile:

Lets try constructive criticism

It’s easy to be a douchebag and criticsize someone to death for doing something you can’t do. He’s making a map that he may give you the option to use . Such a friendly atmosphere , like a bunch of rabid animals on a peice of meat.

No reason, No brains, only the instinct to rip the meat apart and eat it

By the way, could you showcase some of the traps and obstacles ? Perhaps have some changes in enviorment

Protip: Don’t release your 1st - 10th map.

Even Better! Here’s a video!

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That maze is too tall. I do believe there should be a reason why we should explore this…maze. A wall that says “END” doesn’t give much motivation.

This is the best map ever made.

some admin close this thread and delete it forever, IM SICK OF THIS…


THe map is great especially the contents!
So just stop fucking whining and try it!!!

A whining is all you’re gonna get by posting bad maps

What do you expect!!! Its a maze for crying out loud! The walls are suffost to be… Squareish rectagle,blockish! FFS
Want me to make a hedge maze thats like a mile long? you: OH ITS TO GREEN AND BORING
Fuck you, ban me for freaking out I QUIT!

Disguise it as an underground military base or something, with high detail and less redundancy. Win.

OK I’m going to lay some truth on all of you bashing the OP

Have you ever wondered why we do not see the emergence of mappers ? The simple answer is that jerks like you are attacking anyone who tries to maker a map. People don’t post maps so some lazy sod can rip apart a persons work, they do it so they can get some constructive criticism so they can improve their skills. So far only one person has offered any useful advice , the rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves, you are all pathetic.

Joannou 1, I know theese people are jerks but continue working on the map, you’ve shown yourself to be a much better mapper then they are already. If you wish I will give you advice on what to do with the map

Nicely said.

There’s nothing bad about making bad maps, everyone has to start somewhere. The bad thing is that when some idiots release their first maps.

When making a map, you should ask your friends or more talented mappers to test your map before you release it; they will probably find something to change and you should listen to them.

Thing is, that’s exactly what he’s doing. Trying to get for example you to try it out and give him advices, instead of just screaming "


" at him, tell him how to reduce the blockyness, and general horrible-ness.
For example, “Ahh, this room’s abit dull. Add some fitting props and some decals to the walls, the roof & walls really shouldn’t be that tall, make them abit lower, the textures is kinda repetitive, good idea to change them, and maybe change their scale abit, morphing may also be a good idea. It also needs some better lighting, be sure to give it another color than white. It may also be a good idea to add some cubemaps. After you’ve done this we’ll look at it.”
THIS, my great sir, is good constructive criticism.

-Horrible lighting.
-Bad textures.
Is also an form of constructive-criticism. But it’s not a good form of it.

Tell me what you call constructive criticism.

We learn from out mistakes, as long as we know what our mistakes are. And if the map is generally shit, research how to do EVERYTHING!