The Uncompromising Lady Croft

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I took a lot of screenshots of this same scene in different bloom and color modification settings, and combined them together in a sort of HDR treatment in Photoshop to get the right look for this picture. Logo was added in the corner to fill in what felt like empty space.

The guns for this one are not the ported ones but are instead a modded improvement of the pistol used in Half-Life 2, which happens to be the same type of gun Lara uses. I did a bit of a texture mod on this model to remove the orange logos on the sides. I’ve also modded Lara’s brown shirt to teal blue to make it look more like her classic outfit.

Yes, I have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a Tomb Raider roll lately with my shots. I’ll try to do something else next time.

Good work! I like it! What the map on the shot?

Nice one.


It’s ha_long_treasures. Here’s the download:

Thank you

Well done, mate. Well done.

Thanks guys.

quite nice

nice, brings back PS1 memories