The Underdog Paradise - Movie Scene Preview - READ !!!

Hello Facepuncher’s & Gmodders !!

Red Dragon Movies' New Project,


After Watching the all inspiring WOTS (War Of The Servers) The cast had brought together the key parts of gmod and blended them all together to make one hell of a film. The Serious yet dark comedy storeyline inspired myself to work on a new project. Of course I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own, so I called on my clan of 400+ and managed to pick a creative, enthusiastic and skilled cast of people to help me out.

The Movie
A Backalley Gangster Film, follows an Ex-Mafia Hitman that looses his memory after a car crash, He then realises that he spent his time devoted to crime and murder. He puts down his mafia hit list and picks up a police most wanted list. The story is a serious sprinkled with a hint of dark humor.

We are aiming to make the video atleast 1 hour 30 mins long :smiley:


Tell Me what you think of it and how I can make it better.


Please Message Me!!!

p.s Please Ignore the title etc… I just cut abit out and slapped into Windows Movie maker :smiley: The real scene is gonna be some Sony Vegas Edited Sh#t.

Thanks For Reading !!

Because making use of bold and


makes it look pro, right? (and caps)
Also. Use Catmull’s dynamic camera for those scenes. Noclip and camera tool looks ugly.
And heartbeat sounds were annoying imo.

Fantasticool said it all. Also make sure the player animations arent “Jumpy” like they were a bit in this. when you move just move steadily in a straight line. Otherwise the players might look a bit “jumpy” as I said.

Yeah definitely work on it a lot, as of now it looks kind of bland and boring, your trailer was very bad.

However, if you DO know how to use Vegas, then I think you can do it.

The trailer was boring, a not really smooth-moving camera flying aroung and showing a blurry first-person view. You should’ve made the medic-dude moving, “healing” and not just a freezed ragdoll. Good luck with this er… movie?

The video says other wise.

OK, thanks for your feedback, but I cant help think that those of you who replied were slightly retarded, I did mention that It wasnt a trailer, I just said it was a scene after a car crash.

READ THE OP before commenting !!!

Your cameraman is terrible. Seriously – this looks like some other shitty “serious Garry’s Mod movie” attempt (out of the three thousand that have been done already) that’s going to go stale ten minutes in.

Let’s make out some pointers:

Point ONE: The camera movement, again, is absolutely atrocious. It isn’t smooth and it isn’t doing anything creative. It’s just some player running around in noclip with Fraps running. You want a smooth screen? use the camera tool and create your own grip with thrusters and hover tools – it takes about ten seconds to build and the end result isn’t shit. Even then, when you stop panning the camera will come to an abrupt halt. How do you fix this? Record another ten seconds or so at the end and keep panning – you can slowly stop the scene in post-processing later.

Point TWO: The footage itself is TOO LONG. The audio isn’t interesting in the least and between the awful camera panning and random depth-of-field scene that keeps getting pushed on to us viewers is far from interesting alone. The audio is attempting to sound chaotic while the scene, otherwise, is absolutely bland and boring.

Point THREE: You need more audio than just voices. There’s hundreds and hundreds of stock audio you can use to fill in the background. I’m not saying deafen the viewer by adding in tons of loud sirens and all of the works; I’m just telling you that there’s no ambient audio in the scene at all.

Point FOUR: Add more to the scene. The scenes, as stated in point two, are TOO LONG. Why would I waste my time watching sixty seconds of some guy laying on the ground looking around? Oh, right – I wouldn’t. And nor would anyone else. Not unless there’s more going on in the scene than some people who finally appear running around (doing nothing interesting). Add some movement on the right-hand-side of the scene; nothing is going on over there. What a bore.

Point FIVE: In conjunction with adding more shit going on, you need the final and most important part of all: your cameraman needs to have at least, and I want to say, five or six dedicated cameras and grips around the important parts of the scene. That way you can capture just about every angle. Have some cameras following key characters and the likes. Hell – it’s Garry’s Mod. Cinematography has never been easier (although it is virtually impossible for a bunch of talentless fools like you with no prior filming experience and probably have to run to Google if I even mention a dolly). Your scenes are boring not because of the above steps (but add those steps in anyway; otherwise this one will be equally as pointless) but mostly because of this one – you stay on the same camera for too long and you keep going back to the same camera for too long. How many camerapeople do you have, anyway? Garry’s Mod can be successfully recorded with just one, but I’d say if you get three or four you’d be set. That way everyone can record different cameras and place their own and that way you get a fuckton of different angles of the same stuff and you can cycle back and forth to get the best picture and not make it boring by not using the same angles repeatedly.

These are more-than-less common sense and require the least of technical skill to do. Use these steps and you won’t be guaranteed to be looked down upon as the film crew who are utterly incapable of doing anything good.

I also love how you brag about going to use Sony Vegas – no matter how much post-processing you throw in (although judging by your recording skills, I’m going to assume you’re equally as talentless at doing post-processing anyway) to your shoddy clip, the camera angles and lack of anything going on is still going to look like utter shit.

I find it humorous that you call the people giving you tips are retarded when you’re absolutely incapable of creating one of the most simplistic and basic scenes that I have ever seen. I doubt you even thought through the production of this and/or are still working on a script.

You and your crew of talentless saps are bound to make this project fail and I, nor anyone else here, are going to waste our time and/or breath to help save you from not being capable of producing this in the first place; Especially if you’re going to call them retards. I usually consider most posters here dumb but surprisingly, in this thread, they at least gave some feedback that wasn’t idiotic.

Your production team is called Red Dragon Movies. What a piece of shit. Why would I want to watch a movie that comes from a production team that’s titled after a red dragon?

I’d love to read your script because I bet it’s written like a twelve year old wrote it. You probably need me to baby you through making the characters’ speech sounding realistic and appropriate, too.