The Union of Man and Machine

Why did the robot use a Stealth Boy? Also, uh, very interesting pose there DL.

I think the robot just has some strange cubemapping or something, if it is too bothersome, I’ll take out the cubemap.

And yes, I do like making interesting images.

its not the cubemapping, its the phong exponent amount youve set it too high

I actually didn’t touch the phong, cubemap or anything, I was just saying i was capable of taking it out if I had to. Thank you for pointing it out though.

good posing though

Well, it’s got the picture of a woman, and it’s got 2 holes like a woman, if it makes sandwiches, I’ll take the robot.

Was expecting Deus Ex.

VERY disappointed.

Its like the robot is all oiled up.

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I can tell where this is going.