The Unofficial Facepunch Screenshot Contest #1 - RESULTS

(I created a new thread for the results because this way it’s easier for people to see them)

Hello and welcome everyone to the result thread of the very first… and probably last since I fucked up so hard… result thread of the Unofficial Facepunch Screenshot Contest!
If you didn’t see the original thread, go -HERE-

The system in which I get the results is quite simple, 3rd spot gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 and 1st spot gets 3 points.
The judges are Madmanmad, Goldenbullet, Haxxer and myself.

Let’s not keep you waiting any more, shall we? Here’s the results!




Let’s be honest with eachother, when was the last time you saw a huge cup holding a man with a spoon in his ear and a teabag hanging out of his mouth?


Let’s see what our judges have to say about it:

:pipe: Haxxer [voted 3rd spot]: Very original idea. I laughed wholeheartly when I saw the image and even more then I tea-spoon in his ear. I’m going to assume you used only in-game post processing, so there is not much to comment but the idea itself, well done.


[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

Okay… judges… why do you have to put me in such an awkward position?

The 3rd place is shared between Chest and Joazz, you guys will have to decide who gets the game and who goes home with nothing but pride.

Let’s see what our judges have to say about it:

:pipe: Haxxer [voted 2nd spot (Chesty)]: I loved the movie, so you get a + in my book already Chesty! The texturing is OK, a bit repetitive though but the idea and execution are both exellent. The details are stunning (etc, the buttons on his inner shirt) and also well done! Definitely deserves to be in the top three.

:pipe: Madmanmad [voted 3rd spot (Chesty)]: *The posing and editing on the picture are brilliant, but this picture slides into second place for it’s lack of ture fancyness and the fact it’s an old picture. I don’t really see how a crazy clown man can be considered fancy i mean he’s split his tea eveywhere.

Good picture, but not very fancy.*

:pipe: Goldenbullet [voted 3rd spot (Joazzz)]: *It is a nice picture. Wonderful atmoshpere, made only better by it’s lighting. Solid posing and use of fancy props. It is a very nice and SIMPLE picture, and that is also why I think it doesn’t belong anywhere higher then third place. The other guys threw so much into they’re pictures, and while this is very well posed/angled/edited, it just doesn’t come off as overly fancy compared to Main/Master’s picture or Superfrog’s. That, and the strange blurry newspaper.

But don’t get me wrong, I still think it is great.*

:pipe: TurtleHead [voted 2nd spot (Joazzz)]: I know what I said about it when you first posted this, but I can’t help but think that this IS in fact a very fancy picture. The posing, editing, and the general atmosphere give this entry a nice feeling, you can almost hear the piano music playing in the background.


[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

Once again I’m put in a tough spot… why oh why… cruel world…

Both MainSqueeze and Santz’s pictures were voted for, but since those were also the ones that MasterFGH edited, I can’t let him out.

Let’s see what our judges have to say:

:pipe: Haxxer: [voted 1st spot]: *This one has an incredible atmosphere, and you get that gentleman-feel without the use of mustaches and tea-cups.

The lighting along with the shading are both top notch plus the prop placement is very good. Well done on this one MasterFGH, 'tis my favorite.*

:pipe: Madmanmad [voted 2nd spot]: *Mid-air tea drinking!? I say he must be a master tea drinker!

A lovely picture with some great posing apart from the demoman holding the tea pot looks a bit odd, and while blowing people up isn’t very gentlemen like, it is somthing that has to be done somtimes and you might aswell have some tea while doing it.

The bluring on the whole picture seems a tad unnessecery, but is over all good enough to earn my number 2 spot.*

:pipe: Goldenbullet [voted 2nd spot]: *‘lol’ first came to my mind. Then I looked at it with a mind set to find flaws; well look at that, I can’t really see any. It has everything this contest could have asked for, monicles, tea, a swirly moustache, a top hat… And on top of all that, a very nicely posed, well angled picture. Squeeze did a great job getting the base picture and MasterFGH expanded on that with some nice additions with the editing. It’s not perfect, but it IS very very good, it ranks high on my fancy’ometer too.

Not quite first place material because to be honest, Superfrogs picture is ahead of it, in both fancy’ness and quality, and some little nitpicks about editing, but nothing that breaks the overall picture. Worthy of second place, and that says a lot alone.*

:pipe: TurtleHead [voted 3rd spot]: *What doesn’t this picture have? Fancy hats? Check. Tea? Check. Explosions? Check.

The posing and editing is quite amazing, and somehow you guys really managed to make it feel fancy… even though it’s in the middle of a warzone.*

:siren:–1ST SPOT: SUPERFROG [9 POINTS]–:siren:


D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww… ahem… I mean…


Let’s see what our judges have to say:

:pipe: Goldenbullet [voted 1st spot]: Incredibly fancy. I mean truly. It’s got that sense of fun, amusement, originality and it’s just so darn cute. Best of all, it’s fancy! It’s a nicely lit picture with a nice angle and good use of props/placement. The lighting and overall position really makes the scene. I can’t help but smile as i’m writing this because I have to keep looking at the picture. Everything is fantastic and fits the theme.

:pipe: Madmanmad [voted 1st spot]: *Now here’s a fancy bunch of cute little fellows, while they aren’t human i’d still expect these guys to be sitting in front of a fireplace at a gentlemens club discussing fine whine and fox hunting.

The editing is subtle and not too over the top and same with the posing, and as a nice little bonus we get a backround story too how marvelous!

Also added cutness bonus. Those little guys are just so huggable.*

:pipe: TurteHead [voted 1st spot]: *When I look at this I can only think of two things: ‘oh my god this is so cute’ and ‘where can I get these models?’

Totally worth of a 1st place, it fits the theme, it’s cute as hell and the posing and editing is pretty much flawless… can I take one home?*

Congratulations winners and a big thanks to everyone who entered the contest, if you haven’t seen the thread yet I strongly suggest doing so.

All the winners will be PM’d asap.

If I made any spelling mistakes or other errors, please notify me.

It’s an incredible mistake to put chesty’s picture in the third place, in my opinion. Congrats to the people who won though.

It’s a very good picture and had to be included because chesty was a sneaky bastard and got through that ‘no oldies’ rule, I’m sure Turtle won’t make the same mistake twice :v:

(Although I couldn’t bring myself to add a vote for it)

Cool, is there gonna be another contest? Also what did they win

Maybe, I don’t know yet.

Check out the original thread for the prizes.

You should make another one, you didn’t fuck up hard.

I mentioned the theme ‘Moments that time stands still’ for the next one, but then again it’s down to Turtle, he’s the one doing this (:

Fixed that for you


Good job everyone, was a fun contest! :smiley:


Oh yeah and next time don’t forget the oldies rule. :v:

Finally, a result although Chesty Mcgee should have been in the first or second place.

More like not in any place. He didn’t even put any effort in it, he just picked an old awesome pic and posted it.

Leave it alone. Chesty read the rules and saw that old pictures weren’t amongst the ‘do not post’. He was even willing to take it down but Turtle did the mature thing and said ‘Well i didn’t put it in as a rule, so you can stay in here’. Now you do the mature thing too and take it on the chin because I find you very annoying.

Hey I didn’t whine at all, I just answered to Devil Traitor post, I’m perfectly fine with the results and I’m pretty sure Chesty will give Joazzz his prize anyway.

‘He participated in the competition but doesn’t deserve any form of reward or any placement because it’s an old picture, regardless of the fact it wasn’t against the rules’. Can you see why I could interpret this as whining?

sure took a long time

So simplicity is a bad thing? Oh well, third place is enough for me :v:

Where did he get these models?

I bet he made them.

WTF… Nah just kidding. Congratulations SUPERFROG:keke: