The Unofficial Facepunch Screnshot Contest #1 - Fancyness

(Yes, I know that I spelt ‘scenshot’ instead of ‘screenshot’, thank you.)

—————————— Introduction

Hello and welcome to the first unofficial Facepunch screenshot contest.
Before we get to the actual contest I’d like to take a moment and explain exactly how and why I decided to make a thread like this.

Not too long ago I considered making the next personal skins thread on this same forum… however, due to it being a pain in the ass to maintain, I decided to scratch the idea (for now).
What I DID stick with however was two ideas I had made up, namely:
[ul][li] Contests[/li][li] Fancyness[/ul][/li]And so I got to the idea of making a series of contests to (hopefully) bring out the best of this forum.

I’m hoping to do a contest like this at least once a month, preferrably every two weeks.

Yes, there are prizes.
No, they do not include a trip to some island.

I also plan to adjust the looks of the contests depending on the theme.

That was all for now, have fun!

—————————— Content

—————————— Judges

[ul][li] TurtleHead[/li][li] Madmanmad[/li][li] (open)[/li][li] (open)[/ul][/li]
Want to be a judge? Send me a pm with an explaination as to why you should be a judge, along with your steam username.

—————————— Useful models

‘Gentlemen’s Model Pack’

‘Tea Model Pack’

‘Gm_adventurers - A Fancy Map’

—————————— Notes

Combining gmod screenshots with real world pictures is allowed, but keep it within limits.

Things such as stories and music along with your picture(s) might help.

Did I spell something wrong or use wrong grammar? Notify me.

Will participate, thanks Turtle <3

Grammar- You spelled July with an I: Juli

Thanks, fixed.


Not sure what you mean with that.

Great idea, will have something worked up by the beginning of next week :buddy:

Oh man, this is awesome, I got something to do now :smile:

Oh fuck, someone just notified me that I typed ‘screnshot’ instead of ‘screenshot’. :v:

Any moderator nice enough to change that for me?

Wow, how did i miss that!

Also, it’s very nice of you to include prizes here turtle, this should really encourage a lot of effort

Seems enjoyable.

I need a pipe model.

Added a link in the OP to a model pack that contains stuff like that.

Add this to the OP:

Can’t have a gentleman without tea, can you?

Indeed so, added.


I would like to enter but no good ideas cross my mind :frowning:

Good luck to everyone! And great entry Joazzz.

For a minute it looked like his index finger was clipping the pipe.

Looks awesome man.

:siren:Please note that even if you feel you can’t compete with someone else, you should make a pose anyway.:siren:

I’m not going to judge purely based on nice editing, I’m going for originality.

I can’t stress this enough.