The Unofficial What-Should-Zombies-Be-Replaced-With-And-Why-Is-This-Title-So-Long Thread!

As the title suggests, this thread is dedicated to what should replace zombies in the final build. As things are, zombies are going to be removed. However, to my knowledge, no information has been given on what they will be replaced with, other than speculation. I feel that they should be replaced with aliens, personally for a couple reasons: first, there is a lacking of survival games that have aliens. Second, Defeating a more technologically-advanced race while beating people down with a rock naked would be an interesting combo :v: Go ahead and criticize my idea, but make sure to give your own input and ideas, thanks! :dance:

Giant Naked Bandits

I personally think they don’t need to be replaced, they should focus on making a very good survival game. No mutants, zombies, aliens dinosaurs, dragons, etc. It would be time consuming to add something like that, time that could be used to make a better map, more guns, and a more polished survival game first and foremost. That is just my opinion though.

So far they said they’ll have fluffy chickens,which are mutated chickens that will attack.

You are probably right, but since there are no threads up on the subject, I figured I would throw it out there so the community gets a bit of a say in the matter.

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Mutant animals might be kind of cool, I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

No it’s definitely a good discussion that hopefully the devs will take note of. At first i loved the mutant concepts people were coming up with i wanted them in the game but the more i think about it, i would rather have nothing. Aliens would be a tough thing to implement, and extremely time-consuming. If they did do it i would want it to be extremely gritty, no little green men in tin foil suits, barbaric animalistic savages that look more like something out of metro last light than ET.

Ok lets see.Their are many Radioactive Zones.Radioactivity is a reason for Mutation.
Its a postapocalyptic Game.An Apocalypse dont mean that everybody is dead.

In my oppinion the way to Replaced Zombies to Mutants would the nearest reason.The Players are alived,but other People in the citys could mutated of the Radioactivity.
But thats only my Oppinion.

Mutant animals is something that would work well. :smiley: In Metro 2033, the radiation from the nukes mutated animals into some pretty scary monsters, so why not go in that direction?


Radioactive Dinosaurs with 3 Heads like a Hydra.Or a T Rex with huge arms.

nahh.It wouldnt get to the Rad Zones.Why should Radioactivity create Dinosaurs?

To be fair, I wouldn’t mind seeing mutant reptiles! Like snakes in the grass that you need to keep watch for that can bite you and poison you n shit.

Ok thats a way that i understand.But its a different for me to say ,their is a mutated Snake or else, as ,look,a dinosaur,

i mean some ppl like the aggressivity from the Zombies and than it should better to replace Zombies to dinosaurs?
A Zombie died after an maximum of 4 Shoots (bad Gunnar with an Shotgun).A Dinosaur…well,i will farm Gunpowder before i will go for a hunt :wink:

they’re being replaced with more bears and wolves

Why not add everything? Zombies, mutants, animals, aliens…

It would be a hectic mess that way, I would advise against that.

It would be a terrible game.

Maybe add more content and features instead?

Cause they dont want another Zombie Survival Game.Thats the Fact why they would Replace the Zombies.
Every Survival Game is an Zombie Survival Game.

Adding everything would be a bit overkill. We could spare some animals from mutation perhaps…Like the ones not in rad zones could remain normal, but when you go into a rad zone…you find bat shit crazy monsters that mutated from bears, chickens, and stuff. The Aliens idea was a joke really. :smiley: So, yea scrap the aliens idea.

A couple of hip-shots
NPC gorillas/primates living in groups. Could be setting up ambushes by hiding in trees and mud-huts attacking players passing by.
Mountain goats with horns loot for sound signalling.
Ostrich that can be tamed and red on for long travel, if the map gets bigger at some point.
Volture like birds circling over hot areas with lots of kills.
Abominable Snowman living in the highest mountains caves with special ancient loots, spans very rarely, very shy, very strong.