The UPDATED Metropolice Chief's office.

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You forgot the lamp again??

And one of the screens seems to be infront of the chair (Just for a little but its easy to notice)

It’s extremely bright.


hi my name is bloom and i’m dumb and also i ruin pictures

Too much bloom, and that beta model is fugly. Try using some of the models from the Metropolice V4 pack. Those are sexy.

Bloom and its effect is to ruin pictures as much as possible.

dont use bloom plz

If anything, I would say this is worse than the other. IMHO

Pose on the guy sitting down looks only very marginally improved. Other than that? Too much bloom.

Now with 90% Less bloom!

Uh. Alright. I think the bloom makes it look better but, hey, that’s just me. About the screen being in front of the chair, it’s hardly noticeable. Good work on the picture.