The Vagrants - An immersive new experience.

The Vagrants is a fresh new RPG experience for all players, fused with combat, survival, and Serious Roleplaying elements.

The gamemode is derived from Tiramisu - using it as a base, but makes good use of its fully fledged customization.

A checklist will soon be made and posted on Trello, and will be linked here.

–Other details to further be noted.–

  • RPG [Fallout, Far Cry, Skyrim, etc.] fused with combat, survival, and a bit of Serious RP is what “the Vagrants” is.
  • Minimalist HUD, interactive movement, screen is fused on head bone.
  • Short, simple character creation screen and simplistic GUI.

  • MySQL functionality

  • Custom player models

  • Model customization menu

  • Full PAC functionality for those with tooltrust

  • Salesmen NPCs to be coded, if Tiramisu is dumped and we change to a separate base they may take longer.

  • Simple inventory organization system, no need for clusters, all moveable by the user into different slots

  • Easily customizable currency system

  • Over 100 models to be added along with 50 weapons and a plethora of other custom items.

  • Energy/Sanity systems to be coded.

  • Crafting system completely through roleplay, but you can access blueprints for the required parts

  • Full administration system, complete with in-game faction and class creation/customization.

  • Custom sounds, materials, skins, and so forth to be implemented.

  • Custom derma in the works.

And more to come!

With that, over 200 completely custom models, and over 100 sets of clothing to be put in!

Over 100 completely custom items to be coded, including a huge food system, electronics, and other miscellaneous possessions!

Omega Nine Development Team:
Valve: For maps, skins, models, textures, Source, and the like
Taco n Banana: For maps, skins, models, textures, and the like
Siminov: For his large collection of models, ammunition, and weapons

  • Food and Household Items
  • ReDead Map Authors
  • New Vegas Content Authors
  • Murderthon Author


I can’t say much now until i actually get to play it, could you include a video of some game play?

Sure thing, give me about a week or so. It’ll be up, but it’s going to be very early alpha. A lot of the HUD designs aren’t complete yet, so that’s coming in a while. This is simply a development/WIP thread.

Please send me a PM containing the IP when it is up, I am very exited to try it out.

It’ll be long until the gamemode is prepared for public release.

Excited*, by the way.

Looks nice, I’ll be keeping an eye on all this.

Yesh, we need test servers for this soon, when its playable. Don’t let this die people.

The weaponry for this seems unnecessarily eclectic

Oh God, why would you use Taco n Banana models/textures?

Damn nice. Now I have to wait for this just like I am waiting for Devinity 2

Great, love the FBA and the minimalism.

It’s temporary.

Also, a notice to everyone. I’m going to have to pause development on this for a short time. School’s been a strain and I need to work with that primarily. Thanks.

Give the people variety.

I request a video before I share my opinion