The Vanguard (Man against a Colossal Machine.)

As i said in the other thread, this picture its fucking amazing.
This shows you can make an epic picture without any custom content :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic picture. Very well constructed and framed. Definitely deserves it’s own thread and perhaps victory in the background competition (although we all know Garry will go for some, average, mildly amusing picture instead).

The gmod icons would go over the man, and the logo would go over the machine’s head.

Actually, they won’t

Post that one on a tag on the thread, you must win!


You already did, wow I’m slow :stuck_out_tongue:

Quickly! We must climb up its legs and stab it in its glowing blue weakpoint!
For those who don’t get it (and I pity you) go pick up a copy of Shadow of the Colossus

Which looks like a huge ass Moniter.

(Awesome pic BTW)

Nice. That would be good for the new Gmod backround.

Nice, but the picture with gmod icon and words, why is there a cloud were the Phys gun should be

I don’t know what is more awesome, the guy with the junk armor or the robot made of junk.

Nice work any way you spin it.

This should be the winner or at least a runner-up.

As is the way of man in the gmod world…

Comic, do it.

Good angle and good use of default props.

I see some hl2 ep2 props.

They are default aswell.


This is the most epic thing I’ve ever seen on construct. Jolly good show, old chap!

Good but unfortunately not exactly adapted to gmod menu.

Can you put this on garry’s as a background download? Please.