The Venom that Cried for Love

[h2]The Venom that Cried for Love[/h2]
Aperture Turrets:Oh god no, not her again.


What is there to love.
My loving voice?
My character choice?
I’m soon to be free.
The tunnels of love awaits me.
For centuries I’ve been here.
With this friendly o’ friendly peer.
I am forever in love with.

What is there to love?
My judge of character.

Fantastic use of portal maps and very nice scenebuild.

great composition and atmosphere. it’s a little right heavy but it’s still good. good use of fog

Thank you, but what does right heavy mean? :v:

like, in terms of composition, the right side of the picture is a lot fuller than the left so the left seems kinda empty in comparison. i’m not saying you have to fill every square inch of the picture with something interesting, you’ve always gotta draw the eye to the focus of your picture, but it’s good to strike some sort of balance

Ah, but I did try that. It just seemed cluttered when there’s more than enough objects. My screen really is that small. :v:

I want to see a feature length film involving two turrets trying to get to each other from these tubes.

Artied for the great lighting.