The Vertiigo Challenge!

Vertiigo is being challenged. Hopefully he will be man enough to accept it!

challenging someone who didnt accepted is not a challenge.

Next Please

Unless you’re actually in a game with Vertiigo, calling him out in your own video seems more like an excuse to put his name in the header for more views.

Never heard of this server before (alright, ‘dumb’ me for it…) but it seems heavily modded, and more-than-heavily cool! Should look it up some time :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a Battle Royale modded server. It’s cool, and you don’t have to be too invested as a game lasts less than half an hour usually.

This is my challenge that I am extended to him to accept. How does he accept a challenge in which he doesn’t know exists?

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Not at all… I don’t care about views… Not with only 585 subscribers. I called him out in a video because I felt that was the best possible way to get his attention so he can accept or decline the challenge. I have tried to message him, tweet him, leave a post on his discussion board via Youtube as well as left comments on his videos advising him that I would like to challenge him. He either hasn’t seen it because he is probably flooded with message/comments, or he seen it and don’t give a fuck and feels that it’s not worth his time. Probably the ladder. So I felt that if I made a video and people that seen it told him about it, then he may respond…

I really don’t care about views and such. I do videos because I love to do it.

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This server is very fun and exciting. It’s quite the challenge. It still has some bugs but they are working on it. Give it a try. It’s a lot of fun.

Just had a go at it… it’s kinda confronting really :stuck_out_tongue: I know i’m in no way any kind of pro, but the first round I lasted 58 seconds and was the first to be killed. The second round went better, lasting for some 10+ minutes but with no kills from my side. Really cool server!

You will get better the more you play… Once you learn the map layout and where the loot crates are in the buildings, you can get in and out quickly, increasing your chance of survival… It’s a lot of fun though!

Have you been able to play Battle Royal anymore? If so, how did you do?

No, not since my previous post. I’m planning to! Just too busy with work, life and my other projects…
(Which is another reason why I like Battle Royale - I don’t need to build a base which will get raided anyway… I can just play whenever I find some free time)

Edit: Did Vertiigo respond to your challenge yet?

He didn’t… I think he is scared!

Enjoyed the video, as always. I look forward to them - you’re one of the people me and the Mrs look up to watch stuff on youtube.

I don’t see anything wrong with this challenge, it’s just a bit of lighthearted fun. Good luck, to you and Vertiigo.

Why did you remove the video?

Also, you need a better youtube name, I tried all kinds of things in the search box and couldn’t find you, ended up having to trawl through your FP posts to get your youtube.

I could find you before when you were called freshguess.