"The Vet, the Brain, and the Biker" Zoey exploring


A cookie to who gets the very tiny movie reference in the title.

Would I be correct that the title is a reference to ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’?
I like that Zoey skin!

Midnight Riders first came to mind…
“The Brawler, The Lover, The Drinker, The Drummer.”

The Good The Bad The ugly?

No, no, and no. It’s a movie tagline, from a movie made in the 80’s.

The Breakfast Club?

Oh God I love that movie.

Aye, tis be one of Hughes’ best

Never seen any movie from the 80s cept for back to the future.

Wait was that from the 80s?


How can you have not seen anything else from the 80’s?

It’s breakfast club, now, comment on the picture!

i don’t know why or how that would be comfortable to hold a gun like that, but chicks are weird like that :wink:

Colors seems weird to me. I like the rest. Posing is ok. Have arty.
A brutal skin that with all the blood.