The VICTOR-9 Lads walking badassly from a boring explosion


Now with obnoxious bars!

I lol’d. It’s as if they’re saying to themselves “Fuck yeah… alright now what?”
Also I see that dynamite you used there. :wink:

This is pretty good, but it’s a little hard to tell the center CP is walking. Not bad, though.

Thanks. IMO it’s my best edit ever.

The posing is pretty bad to say the least… they look more like fans at an American football stadium than cops/soldiers (whatever your VICTOR whatsits are supposed to be). Turn your graphics and AA up as well.

The editing is actually nice… but you could’ve easily masked some of the jagged edges with blurring or something at the very least.

Graphics are max.
You’re blind. i have AA to max.
Football stadium? What the fuck are you jibba jabbin’?

In order,

I’ll take your word for it… maybe it’s just the models
If you have AA to the max why do you have so many jagged lines… :S
The CPs appear to be… cheering… or something. They look like a bunch of people standing around cheering on a team.

The jaggies say otherwise.

Lol he still rages about comments

bad posing and camera angle

I really don’t think you have AA turned on.


Maybe the resolution is low?


There is max aa. It is just the phong on the models. For god’s sake stop spamming with “no aa”

Even if you settings are maxed if you have a shitty PC it still isn’t going to look good

I have a fucking 8400 GS. stop blaming my PC.


Stop blaming me. It’s sources fucked up phong system.

Phong does not create jagged edges, try again


…No anti-aliasing…

Well, better than your old stuff in the least.

I really think the middle one is the only one of them that looks badass.

if his AA is turned up all the way he probably needs to change his resolution a bit higher

<Insert ‘THAT’s THE JOKE’ Macro here>

Okay dude, calm down. Usually what I did when I had a not-so-good computer was when I finished posing, I would put the resolution at max for my monitor, highest graphics, and 6x AA. When I finished the screen I would change it back to normal. Also, phong does not make the jagged lines.