The video ideas

Guys, how do you come up with your ideas for videos? Where do you get your inspirations? I want to try making my own machinimas but it seems to me the hardest thing to do is to actually come up with a original idea. Can you help me? Is it possible to tell someone how to get ideas for the movie?

I get my inspiration and ideas from my own life.

They say originality is being able to conceal your sources well. That’s what I do. Actually watching movies REALLY helps me come up with things I can do for my videos. I get inspiration from the stories, from the art direction, cameras, and more.

For example, my latest 2100 film is a cross between the movies Solaris, Sunshine, Moon, and of course 2001. It is inspired by those movies, along with Avatar (just recently got it on Blu-ray… awesome) and others.

What compels me to keep making it is watching and editing what I’ve filmed, and seeing how much progress I’ve made. When I think it looks good, I’m proud of it, and want to keep making it.


I also just get a small idea, and never touch it but let it linger for a good few days to weeks.

So find a small spark of originality.
Write it down, then just think about it, the idea will grow.

Or you can do what fumples dose, which is steal a little bit of other peoples ideas to where they don’t notice…

But you really need to find a “muse” first.

It’s less ‘stealing’ than it is inspiration. For example, I don’t blatantly take plot elements, I will use a camera shot that I like, or use similar / same music.

do you need actors? i can help :smiley: i just dont have a mic thats all

Though I haven’t made movies out of, or based off of any, short stories are a great inspiration to me, especially those of Philip K. Dick.