The Villainous Lair project. (SFM filming maps)

Hello dear facepunch users .

Recently after relaseing the spy villian meeting room map i was inspierd to try and make a series of maps based around a spy theme . In this case a giant spy villains base . Some areas based off of certian specific areas (like torture room meeting room etc) while others are just large areas filled with smaller areas that fit toghether .

Now i started this thread for sake of feedback and help .

So if you got any good reffrence pictures those would help out immensly.

Looks a bit blocky and bland, but I’m assuming you are gonna fix that. Your texture choice is pathetic and some displacements don’t even align. Other than that, add AA on your screenshots and type cl_draw_hud 0 or cl_drawhud 0 (I forget how to do that) and impulse 200 so you don’t have view models obstructing the way.

So many textures are misaligned, and the lighting is very bland. The first screenshot looked fullbright.

This is ALL WIP and tbh i dont excpect it to be perfect , working with displacements and creating a cave looking enviroment is extremly hard for me . It was hard enough trying to get it like this in the first place.And do you mean that the underground walls are blocky or the actual rooms ?
Cause im gonna work abit on the cave walls to make em less flat but thats gona come last since its just messing around abit with displacements.

Whats exactly wrong with the texture choice ? (at the least in the lab area anyways , that part is near finished).Yeah the cave walls look repetitive but i really didnt know which others to choose from that are in the TF2 set .

Thanks for the tip on how to remove the weapon though

I mean the entire thing is blocky and empty. Use something to emphasize the size or draw less attention to the uglyness. I’d suggest making the rooms smaller. No need to have anything that huge.

And for textures, most of them are bland and lack detail. Go to CGtextures and get a nice rocky texture make it more cartoony and have extreme normal maps to make it look visually more interesting.

Are you reffering JUST to that one big control room ? Cause all the other rooms are relativley small except for the lab and generator room (for the moment)

Also the big open area is MENT to be like that in a way and i havent fully detailed it yet anyways , it will have lots of additional stuff but as you can see currently im sorta focused on the interrior areas more then the outside one at the moment.

Not to mention how would you except a carved out area to look like ? All i can add really is more support pillars or something to them but otherwise theres nothing more i can actually do.

Also no thanks unless they are ready for source use i dont have the patience to go through the shitty ass process of converting textures (i tried it once , was annoying as all hell and still didnt work as i wanted it to )

In the big area you could have floor grates, piping, cables, lights and a hell of a lot more, you also need to make the walls displacements and pull them out a bit, even in a hollowed out man-made cave walls wouldn’t be straight down, also the hole where the pipe comes through in the ceiling is just a bloody square hole, you need to vertex manipulate it to fit around the pipe.

CGTextures is a great resource for textures and bringing textures into the source engine is incredibly easy and simple. You were obviously doing it wrong.

Well thing was it was ment to be like a sign texture , but it was constantly showing it with a white background even though it was a .png file .

Prehaps if you could show me a good tutorial that might help me out , cause i followed (i think ) a video tutorial for it and it didnt rly help

Well all the walls ARE displacements its just that manipulateing them to look abit more…well rocky is gonna come last since that isnt too hard , and yeah i already have some displacements there i havent actually thought about vertex manipulateing them , i actually though i could cover around it with like cliff/rock props from TF2.

Also i was considering trying to add like in a small part of the big area like a rocket engine test area or something . But maybe i should make that one its own thing

Consider adding wooden or metal beams along the roof. Maybe with a few cables or wire mesh. Tf2 usually has alot more geometry detail than what you currently have. Also make the scale of the rock texture on the roof higher. eg if it is 0.25 put it to 0.5 etc. IT looks quite far away so the highest detail mipmap might not be in use and the texture currently look VERY tiled.

Updated OP with pictures/progress . Btw i tried impulse 200 ,didnt work.

Command Center is nearly done . Lab is pretty much done finally satisfied with the light . Armory is still WIP but it shouldnt take too much . Warehouse area is done . Bathroom i need help cause i dont know how to get the block doors to open up in the proper way , also the lighting is being a pain .
Security room is also pretty much done , just got to get the doors to open when players are near .

And ive also started working on the outside area , if anyone has suggestion for that area please do say so .


Yes i am aware that the rocks arent all that well done but ive really given up on it by this point i just suck at displacements .

sv_cheats needs to be 1

Intel room look much nicer but missile are seems still to empty. Nice map going so far.


Well im done with this map .

I might remake this map , what i mean is i might remake it into a smaller version and much better design but for now we got this . The final version (i compiled it one more time before this ) Will have the light in the main area reduced by 100 .

The main screen in the control room is now greenscreen for sake of putting whatever you want in there .

3 of the doors in the bathroom are openable via trigger area .

The armory door is openable via trigger area .

The main rocket is now removed for people to put be able to animate it how its suppose to .

Overall the map is done but for those of you that want to have a more hands on approach on how you want to film scenes in this map i will include the vmf of the map .

Also i have used as you can see several custom models in this map , you will not need their models , bu all of the materials you need will be in the zip for the map . You will also need HL2 ep 2 materials in your usermod materials .

And on a last note . I tried sv_cheats 1

still didnt work