"The VIP is in the chopper, let's go!"

Title explains it all. I would like constructive criticism, especially on the posing. I know there are some problems I have such as clipping, shadows, and (supposedly) no helicopter blades (they are rotating, preparing for liftoff). If an edit I requested of this is made, I will post it here. Enjoy.


The minigun isn’t very fitting, and the posing looks a little off.

I like it, but must likely the soldier wouldn’t be touch the other soldier, might scare him. He would tell him over the radio, in my opinion. posing is pretty good, not the best but pretty good. The map, the picture isn’t perfect because of the map. Don’t know which to recommend but not that one.

Warning: Mini Wall of Text.

Ya, the minigun is from TF2, that’s why its strange, since I have no model of another one. For the tapping on the shoulder, I thought since the helicopter blades and gunfire would be so loud, you might not hear the words people are saying. I saw this happen in COD 4 when Captain Price (back then Lieutenant) with Captain MacMillan(spelling?) were in ghille suits waiting to get extracted, and when they did, the last guy from the rescue squad got tapped on the shoulder to be told to go in the chopper. As for the map, I have no idea where it should have been posed, since the only source engine games i have are TF2 and L4D, though I could probably download a lot of good maps for GMOD, though I’m probably too lazy to do that =(.

I don’t think the army uses MP5s for regular infantry, let alone silenced ones.

GMOW, IIRC, has a nice minigun.
Also, the pose needs more movement. Make the soldiers look like they’re on their way onto the chopper, since it looks as if they’re securing an LZ.

why is his mouth like that ;0

I think helicopter pilots and people like that might use MP5s… not sure though. That’s what they have in ARMA 2.

He might bought his own mp5 ;0

they do, the pilot that you have to rescue uses an MP5

Yeah, posing is off a little. The soldier touching the other one should have his upper body more towards his right. Also, I think you should have used an actual pilot model, there’s one in this pack : http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=743203 (there’s also a minigun in there)