The Virus in Iraq

– NOT INTERACTIVE – This is my 2nd comic — If People like it enough I’ll continue it.

C&R Please

If he only needs the hard drive, why is he getting the entire tower?

Like I said— the alarm went off causing them to rush— they didnt havn’t enough time.

Good god a none interactive comic?

On Facepunch!?

Good lord…

All jokes aside its a fair start, the layout needs some work and the tails of the speech bubbles are too jagged for my liking.

And the seems to be a slow burner so don’t go rushing a head with the story.

ok noted

You really need to work on your posing and overall editing. Also, the story line is simply very dumb. I’m not making jokes out of you, but work on a more prominent project with an interesting plot line that makes the readers interested to ask for more and like the comic as well.

Looks good!