The Vulcan and Inferno, Recoiling artillery cannons.

The Vulcan:
Living up to its name, it truely is the god of fire
It features:
-A rotary gattling fire mechansim to minimise overheating and refire rate.
-150mm shells delived frequently at high speed.
-Ultimate ground suppressing artillery.

I don’t float the ammo bill :slight_smile:

The Inferno
The Vulcans little brother if you will, Designed to deliver presision strikes at long range with brutal firepower.
It Features:
-A semi Automatic firing mechansim
-150mm Shells, For long range and high damage
-A long range artillery platform for presision stikes against enemy encampments.

Each cannon recoils back when it is firing and ejects a shell, this looks highly badass, when the vulcan video gets up you will all see!
(Vulcan was influenced by Total Annihilation!)

C&C (Apart from anything to do with the Inferno’s somewhat simplistic base) :clint:

:siren: These use Gcombat and rape things :siren:

Video came! :keke:

interesting, I like :smiley:

Now you should go advanced and create something that fires from an ammo belt!

you could use propane tanks and explode them inside the weapon to create the not so great muzzleflash. and leave the shell ejecting as it is. :smiley:

Pretty fairly baddass.

Video is up chaps, probably need to wait a few mins for authentication.

I’ll be shell shocked! :v:

I see what you did there!

Brutal cannons. That rotary function made me cum bricks :V

nice, here, have a baby and a gold star.

Good job!

These look so cool
fantastic job

Some nice looking cannons you have there.

Could use some work. I like your style though.

I had this same idea with sliders and elastics though. Maybe it would be better to use hydraulics? yells dibs ha ha bitches I got the idea back off! hits you in head with club

You showed me this. Quite cool!

Nice motion. I tried something similar with my ball turret

but ended up using hydraulics for the in out motion. Looked kinda cheesy.

It does use hydralics, your dib is invalid :v:

Is the first turret a sort of auto aritllery cannon? One of the cannon fires first, while it’s reloading, the second fires. Am I right? And the second cannon looks like some costal battery.

N00000000!!! :crying:


Hits kyle in head with club anyway BONK

Yes, Thus why it’s a Gattling Artillery cannon.
Video shows this :v:

That’s really awesome, but the barrel retracting should happen a bit faster.

It has to do with it being really heavy, i suppose i could reduce it.

Looks really nice in motion. Are the shells from DoD:S or something?