The Walking Dead Game Lee Everett model

Now I know there’s a thread that’s kinda dead but I was browsing L4DMaps for Suvivor skins and I found this
He unfortunately does not have faceposing so is it possible for him to be rigged for Garry’s Mod?

He technically is already rigged for Gmod, you just have to extract the materials/models from the file that’s given, and if wanted you could hex it so it doesn’t replace the original Coach model, and place into your directory and he’s ready to go.

Hell yeah! thanks for showing me this model.

I’ll be honest
I didn’t understand a word you just said

I pretty much said he’s already rigged, you could easily just drag and drop the materials and models into wherever, or you can hex the model, so it doesn’t replace Coach. The link contains the un-hexed version, so therefore you can just drag and drop it into your Gmod directory, and you can find him in the game.

I have no idea how to hex
and the model doesn’t have faceposing and I have no idea how to do that
Just make sure you don’t use backspace or change the amount of letters or else it will crash Gmod.

That is way to complex for me

Althrough, it may look complex at first, but it is actually very easy.
You only need to focus on the first and last two lines.
All you need to do is just rename the lettering.
And then you just rename everything so it works.
Unfortunately, it is the only way to hex a model.

Well its a VPK file or something Plus I don’t know how to facerigging or what ever its called

“It’s too hard for me”

If you really wanted something you wouldn’t make someone else do it for you.

Isnt…isnt that what a request thread is sort of about?

It’s the fact that people are telling him how to do it and he’s saying he doesn’t want to. I could understand if we wanted him to pay for a $500 program and learn how to rig ragdolls in an instant. But we’re not, XVI32 takes up literally no space and is easy to use.

I’m curious to how he managed to get the model out, would be cool if we could get some other models from it, like the zombies, Clementine, Kenny, molly etc.

As sad as it is most Left 4 Dead porters usually keep to themselves. I’ve seen quite a number of people rip from games that nobody else has only to leave or take the files down because somebody reuploaded them somewhere.

I’m having a problem with this model, in GMOD, when I click the icon, nothing happened, and Lee doesn’t come up. How do I fix it?

If we could get the whole TWD cast it would be amazing.

I want Kenny… And Lilly… o7 Kenny, true hero at the end.