The Walking Dead: Lee Everett

Long time no see.
After testing Ninja Ripper in The Walking Dead game (thanks to Ninja Nub for this tip), I managed to get Lee into Source Engine.
I used only one mesh of Lee because of my lazyness, but in future I will make bodygroups for him (zombie, coat, no hand) etc.
Contains 16 flexes and skingroup.
I hope you like this one, next release will contain Clementine.

(Outdated) link

Dropbox link (sometimes updates)
-More flexes, thank you, Ninja Nub. :V Don’t forget to credit him aswell.


want me to set up extra flexes?

Here, have a source files

Wow. This was unexpected! Well done! Looking forward to seeing Clementine!

just drop this in the models folder of the addon

That was very fast.

…he deserves this by…well…you know.

Downloading it right now, dude you are awesome, thanks for this. Also you plan to port Carley in the future?

Oh my God I love you

good job :wink: bravo and thanks ^^

Ninja, NikouT, you are friggin’ geniuses

Sweet pea.


I love you.

Wow this is a pretty great release, does he come with tripping action?

This is amazing. I can’t wait to facepose.


Would go great in TF2 type scenes! :smiley: Now if only we can get someone to do a non-cartoony touchup :slight_smile:

I’m still recovering from my trauma from the game :frowning:

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“i’ll miss you.”

  • snip -


Thank you so much!

Even better!

I have no idea how much to ask that is, so sorry if it’s inappropriate, but can you also port the other survivors after that? I simply love the game and it would be great to have more of them to pose with.

Just looking at the bloody model brings back all the feels. :c

Great work!