The Walking Dead - My take on it

pang pang
zombies dead bro

text is supposed to be like that

big thanks to arthuro12 for posing that and posting it in the official edit thread.

I can’t see any emotion from the charaters, probably because of the black and white.

credit my posing please… thank you…



Freeky Deeky Eeky Thiiing: that dude zapding
Freeky Deeky Eeky Thiiing: is a fucking retard.

he has down syndrome? (no flame intended lol)

GoldunBellet[UK]: loll
Freeky Deeky Eeky Thiiing: you’re an ass. (:
GoldunBellet[UK]: hahahahahaha

The Walking Dead are running :L

AA problems.

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and posing

why would you use a horribly posed picture and waste your time on this


what’s wrong with you?

there is nothing wrong with my posing in that picture.

The idea is cool.

Doesn’t deserve it’s own thread.

two of them are about to fall over and one is in a very awkward position

seriously do people forget that all this gear has weight or what