the walking dead no man's land- heroes models help!

Dear friends.
Happy new year to all members on this site and to all of you who see this post. I would like to ask if anyone was able to extract any heroes models like Daryl,glen,rick,negan from this app game.I tried some stuff but i was only able to find/export map models only.If someone can help, i will appreciate it!!. I will wait for anyone’s response.

Aren’t those models 2d or something.

Dear Friend ty for the respond.Actually there not 2d, they are indeed 3d models.Just search for this game and you will see.This is an example of the models:

I have play this game and it has 100% 3d models of the characters.I just cant find the models. Maybe they are in some other form of repack ,i just don’t know.

I think these are the models you are looking for , this guy already extracted them.

Thank you so much for you respond :goodjob: .Indeed this are the models i was looking for !!I would like to thank and any others, who tried to help or saw this post!!!

Can anyone put the models in .obj, plz ?

or xnalara ?