The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts - Dixon's Models

Working on Daryl Dixon now. Rig is 90% ready, need to make fingerposing.

And I need somebody, who can make good hands texture, because it looks terrible.

Are you going to be doing Merle too?

Merle can suck it. Daryl is where it’s at.

Bah, both Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus are fantastic and were the best thing about the show. It’s a shame the game wasnt as good as I hoped. I’m glad someone is porting the Dixon brothers, they’re brilliant. :smiley:

Too bad [sp]Merle dies.[/sp]

What’s the update on this Daryl model?

Waiting for flexes.

That’s a really accurate model to the actual actor. It’s a shame they didn’t have the other TWD characters in there, like Rick.

It looks like he’s using snus. That’s atleast how I look when I use it. Otherwise, good model!

The idea was to give us an origin story of the Dixons before they met Rick and the group. It still doesn’t match up with the show… I thought it was funny that the show writers decided to write in a slight backstory about how their [sp]father raped them yet the game had no mention, and they cried when he died.[/sp] They also made Daryl seem like he does now, all moral and shit when they originally intended to screw the group over (as the TV show said). So maybe the show writers just trolled them?

But yeah, if the game was better maybe they could’ve had a sequel where they did actually meet up with the Atlanta group and Rick a little bit later. Then they could’ve followed the story of what happened with Merle. I would’ve preferred it if it was more like the teltale game TWD with the choices though (even though the choices didn’t lead to anything different).

Daryl Fans are annoying

Daryl is 95,9999% ready. Thanks to Ninja Nub for faceposing Daryl.

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Daryl Dixon is now avaible

so this means we’ll have two different variations of Michael Rooker models to choose from

thank you, now I can make the Michael Rooker on Michael Rooker sex poses I’ve always dreamed of making.

it’s too bad the harper model still has a lazy eye that needs to be fixed

Even though they used Rooker, Harper looks nothing like Rooker. I’d say Francis from L4D looks more like him than he does. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s just that Rooker as Harper has a lot more hair, Merle looks a bit older.

No, I have the model and he doesn’t look a thing like him.

This is Activision we’re talking about, if it sold enough to make a profit they’ll make a sequel. :v:

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It’s beautiful! Any chance for a regular download link in SFM? And also, how flexible are their faces?

It’s still micheal rooker that done the Facial capture for harper or w/e.

Harper just looks alot younger then Merle.

Somebody help me?. The ragdoll is still for me. It happened the same problem with a hitman absolution ragdoll. But someone repaired a .phy file and it worked.
an someone upload daryl to mediafire? to see if I’m missing a file.