The "Walking Dead."

Yep. Some sh*t from me.

A zombie having Oral sex with Mr.Nobody?

Very funny. But you wrong.


Where is this zombie model found?

How did this picture take more then five minutes to do?

It looks like you went into a level, spawned a ragdoll with a poseable face, then just opened up his mouth really much, and spawned a camera, darkened the image a little, used SDOF but didn’t even bother focusing on the “zombie” and took the picture…

The lightning looks like it was done ingame…

Sorry to say but… This picture doesn’t deserve a thread… At all…


Memes. Lolz3 get rid of it.

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U cn get baned lol,.


He looks like my old neighboor, hahahah! Wait… OH SH-

Its a fakefactory zombie

CM 10 model pack.

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Phah. Not everyone can be as “geniuses” like you. I don’t pretend to be the best. And did someone wrote that I had a long bother with this work?