The wandering refugee having a last smoke infront of his old house before moving

And his “wagon.”

I like the pic. And the wagon too.

blur is a little much

Good posing

a little heavy on the dof eh

Anyone want to give me an idea on what to add to the wagon when I get a chance?

Looks cool mate, did you edited part of the hair? :o

Nah, just some bloom, colormod, and DOF.

Looks really nice for only in-game but you did went crazy with the DoF :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news everyone! I fixed my anti aliasing and now I don’t have to go overboard with the DOF or blur!

Oh. You could have at least told me about that.

You were away and I had to turn off my PC before you were availible.

Cool pic but the pistol model is ugly.

Link to better pack?

I think that the dog is a little too much. Other than that it’s pretty good

A bottle? That’s all I can think of right now

I like it, but the cigarette could use some smoke.