The Wanted : 4 Stomach Sharp Shooter

Took Mabye … 15 mins to make

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Plz Comment :slight_smile:


You. Are. Kidding. Me.

(User was banned for this post ("Encourage and advise" - Uberslug))

In before chesty.

Work on your posing :hurr:
And there’s way to many pics of the bullet.

Edit: WARNING: OS Paged Pool Memory Low.

3 pictures would suffice, too… bad wall of uninteresting pictures, bad posind, lame action going on

:wtc: so much fail in one thread even I pose better :smug:

That cow has a gun lmao

I have never seen a post with more pictures.

Fuckin’ aye!

Was gonna make a Vid of it

but said “fuck it”

i told u guys i did it in like 15mins

OS paged pool memory is low. Cool. Specs? : DD

Bullets don’t have the brass shells on them when they leave the gun.

Cow with gun Wallpaprd’

Th…That cow ha…had a gun.

I like the gory, otherwise work just a bit more on your posing, and It’s not fully necessary to make this zooming and stuff. Just 1 panel or maybe 2 panels would make good use for the Bullet scene. I guess that’s all.