The war is over

Qustion: Why, when im SDOFing, that brightness goes down, and make visible lamp?
if i color it down to alpha, then i loose the brightness effect on camera, so - no.

I am imagining the Combine returning with more reinforcements and yelling “It’s not over yet,bitches!”

‘Let’s hug while the Citadel explodes!’

That is one bright sun.

Nah, like i said, there was some mess with that sdof combining with lamps :confused: It should be something inbetween and just whiter light from top, not so yellow.

ill never understand why garry wont just add a “draw lamps” option for those models

Could’ve just edited it in.

ingame or ps?

GIMP or Photoshop.

Oh yeah, but on this shot i didnt make any edit.