The War Of The Worlds Invasion

Just something i did last night to pass the time… look closely at the guy getting heat rayed… his heads a skull :downs:

The posing is horrifically bad.

Oh and gm_flatgrass?

You need to read this:

:frowning: it was to pass the time… i was posing for an hour chesty :frowning:

Nevertheless, it’s still really bad.
Bad posing, bad map, bad angle.

oh well ill do it again… thanks for the critisism guys =D


and on a CUSTOM map

I lold cause its that bad.
Look our for some pposing guides.
There are massive out there.


You have disgraced Jeff Wayne and all his descendants by ruining the image of the Musical tripods

Have you even read the book?

not only that,he duplicated one of the characters…
THAT is bad

Yeah. This hits a lot of bad points.

yes ive read the fucking book…

This thread wouldn’t be complete without Deathbucket bordering on murderous rage in defence of the love of his life.


Same problems all over again

Obvious dupes are obvious, use stuff that fits the game art

No really, read this:

The duplicating is embarassingly obvious.

:frowning: i try hard but im just not a perfect artist… besides i did it for a friend and HE likes it

Your friend has poor taste.

But seriously. Read that thread I have linked you (twice).

stop making exuses

@ Chesty i did and @Resistance… Yes sir :frowning:

This guy is just like Deathbucket, only less rageing and a worse avatar.

Way to many use of duplicator, there’s no time at all spend into this.
Also: Ingame effects are shitty.